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    U2 and BB King, Love town Tour, Memorial Drive, Adelaide, Australia
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    Zoomerang, Adelaide, Australia, in the semicircle; my first close-up concert experience.
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  1. Didn’t disappoint. Was ticket #144 second from rail in front of bono, Larry and Adam. Thanks to Josie, Matt, and Boston Bob for the stories, shared experience and good vibes. Shoutout to Janine who was in line with us (my sister and I) - last time we saw Janine was when we were next to her camping out 13 years ago in Adelaide for Vertigo line-up! Amazing!!! Have to say the start of streets just brought me to tears. I was overwhelmed. We didn’t get the original JT tour in Australia. I have watched that iconic lead in to the song on footage for so long, never thought I would experienc
  2. See you in Adelaide lads, been seeing you in my home town since Lovetown with BB King at memorial drive. ❤️
  3. It's gone quiet in the Japan thread...really hoping those zootops are finding their way to safety. There are many people stranded in the freezing north I heard, without fuel to travel out....food, water and supplies would be increasingly limited I suspect.
  4. The footage of the destruction left by the earthquake and tsunami and people's stories are really upsetting...and the threat of radiation/nuclear catastrophe just scares the living crap out of me...those poor people....just wanted to add my support. Lots of support in the Japan thread in International folder...with really good information and updates. EF you write beautifully. Praying there is no further incident with those dreaded reactors. Catherine (in Australia)
  5. Just want to add my support here...I am a safe and sound Aussie as I live in South Australia...we have round the clock tv coverage of this terrible disaster. I think there are 15 confirmed fatalities at present and grave fears for others missing. On the news today the relief effort organisers stated the best way to help was to please donate to the premier's flood relief appeal...link above...if people are at all able to. It is going to be one long clean up, picking up the pieces for quite some time yet. The Australian Army, Emergency services, Government bodies and the like are doing an
  6. Totally understand what you mean....signs that he had an unprompted thought about what I might like/need/enjoy are the best...very romantic and nice to be thought of. Take care
  7. No way...there is an incurable romantic (however deeply buried) inside everyone....isn't there?? The first thing which came to mind for me was the time when, very early in our relationship, my then boyfriend now husband, rode his bike a long distance accross town to my house to surprise me and brought the most beautiful little bunch of yellow freesias with him for me. Simple, small and beautiful, not showy and everso sweet, I loved it. (And I noticed later he happened to be unknowingly hot in his riding outfit)
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