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  1. I don’t want the 2016 prints - message me if you can’t get them and we can sort something out. I’m in uk Still no 2017 here as yet...
  2. One of my ongoing criticisms when I see U2 live is how highly they regard their 'hit' material from ATYCLB and unfortunately this album appears to be influenced by that. I wish they'd go more rock or more blues rather than stick to the big 'pop' sound. Live I think this album could provide some cracking moments. Long term not sure It will rate high in their catalogue as a whole.
  3. With regards to Taylor Swift, she currently has tickets going on sale for Wembley stadium in London. There have been about half a dozen pre sales over the last few days with general sale tomorrow. Like with the u2 gigs they have tried pushing high priced tickets all the way to nose bleed. Also have tried selling premium packages for the impatient / wealthy fan. In some presales it has been obvious to see certain blocks available and that they have been releasing blocks from the back first. This is of course counter intuitive for fans although beneficial for the ticketing companies. The ticketmaster website is incredibly glitchy and the interface appears to change from one hour to the next and one presale to another. Really not a fan of the fluid price and the fluid ticket availability.
  4. Vinyl getting sent in December according to an automated response some have got recently from u2.com
  5. No , the website started in 2005 but many memberships are marked as starting in 2009 even though they didn't lapse. This is certainly the case for me. I think they gave a lot of us 3 extra months membership and the start date on the accounts links to around renewal date at time
  6. Big thanks to the those who wrote the letter on the fans behalf. It does sound like we're stuck with this system whether we like it or not - tragic
  7. I would check the setlists before you go and try to go nearest the stage where they play your favourite songs. The screens are also worth seeing for at least a few of the songs so may be worth changing position at some point
  8. Yes, If your account says 'verified subscriber' then the ticketmaster scalper check should have given you the all clear and you should be guaranteed a working presale code in a timely manner before any presale for your membership group is opened until you have used up your allocation (2 tickets) If 'verified subscriber' means something else we should know.
  9. Yes, they kick off with Heavenward in the regular shows. They've also done lots of instores and promotional gigs where they mixed things up a bit.
  10. I like your thinking. I've seen Wolf Alice 5 times in the last few months for less than £20 a show..
  11. The equipment is paid for already from the IE tour - if anything 3rd tour on 3 years should be cheaper. Many caausl fans will already have seen them in the last 2.
  12. No, it looks like fan club members had to reverify in order to be in another lottery. Like many fans posted in the unsuccessful in presale thread. No progress made.
  13. Was wondering why if ticketmaster know who the regular scalpers are why their u2 accounts get marked as verified , and their ticketmaster and u2 account remains active?
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