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  1. I hadn't listened to SoE since January. Not that I didn't like it when it first was released. I just was more interested in other music. But, I listened to SoE late one night driving home this week, and I really connected with it. Can't really explain why, but it felt nice. and calming. There's still things that I can nitpick about the record, but those are just personal preferences.. Listening to it got me really excited that I'm able to go to the Los Angeles shows.
  2. Just downloaded and listened to live versions.... I'm very happy with them. Will be nice to play on vinyl when they arrive in December.
  3. Yes, thank you for posting the facts. The gun planted also only had the cop's fingerprints on it. He killed Lamar Smith 6 inches away from him, and shot him 5 times.
  4. It's the right decision, although I am sympathetic to the people who traveled from out of town to St. Louis. The protests and the reason people are protesting right now in St. Louis is far more important than a concert.
  5. How could Ticketmaster not issue you a refund for something their software caused? I'm sorry that happened to you. A similar thing happened to me buying GA tickets to one of the IE shows at the forum. I unknowingly bought 2 GA tickets twice. The Ticketmaster agent I spoke to at the time was extremely helpful and offered me a refund.
  6. Local and life-long Phoenix resident here. If you are driving from a far distance like myself, be mindful of the traffic on the freeways. Rush hour traffic tends to get very busy starting around 3 to 330pm. Current weather forecast for Tuesday is high between 90 to 93 degrees with a chance of afternoon thunderstorm. Like the original post said, University of Phoenix Stadium has a retractable roof. Hopefully weather will cooperate and the roof will be open once Beck takes the stage. My only concert experience at the stadium was the U2 360 show and I remember the roof was open. I'm su
  7. Complete information for U2 at University of Phoenix Stadium this Tuesday the 19th can be found at below link. The main stadium phone number is 623-433-7101 http://www.universityofphoenixstadium.com/events/2017/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017 Event Information Box Office Opens: 10:00am Parking Lots: 3:30pm Gates Open: 5:30pm Concert Begins: 7:30pm General Admission Policy The fan-run wristband line/list for U2’s Joshua Tree 2017 Tour stop at University of Phoenix Stadium will begin on Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00am. The wristband line will be located on North loop r
  8. It is very interesting how much a crowd can make or break our own experience even with a long running band like U2. I was lucky to see this tour multiple times, and every time was surrounded by people who enjoyed the whole experience: songs / staging / setlist. ----J
  9. 'Stiff', 'performing at 80%' and 'unnatural' are words I would not use at all to describe Bono and the band this tour. They are playing amazingly well and really seem to enjoy performing the new material. To me the new songs are vastly improved over the studio recordings. To be honest, I only liked half the new songs on 'Songs of Innocence' when it was first released. But after seeing the shows, I find myself listening to it as much as my favorite U2 albums. I close my eyes and can vividly remember different parts of the show. And that is because the band is really on this tour. Bono's voice
  10. It's so much better this tour. I have not experienced myself nor seen any pushing to get closer when a band member is near you.
  11. The Forum GA policy FAQ sheet doesn't explicitly say no detachable lense, but says no professional cameras. However most arenas don't allow detachable lenses.
  12. All of my extras for this Sunday are now sold.
  13. That is frustrating... The Phoenix venue never did, but since it was my hometown venue, I knew which sections were the best to pick from.
  14. Definitely go the Prince route. At the club gig of his I went to 2 years ago,signs were clearly posted and an pre show announcement was made by the drummer, and still a few people tried to take pics. Security kicked them out, it was amazing to witness.
  15. Phoenix 1 had 25 songs played only because they brought up that guy to ad-lib 'In God's Country'. The printed list showed 24. 7 songs from night 1 weren't on the night 2 list. Phoenix 2 had 23 songs played, 5 of which weren't played on night 1.
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