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  1. Lifelong fan and I can’t stop with the new songs. All of them are very solid. Blackout is fantastic so is Get out of your own way into American Soul. Put in the amazing The Little Things That Give You Away and this could be one of their best which is incredible after all these years. And from a live show perspective these will all sound really good live. Especially Blackout.
  2. Can I theoretically just get my RZ tickets with my Photo ID and give them my CC to get in for the LL seats?
  3. They are CC entry...I do see a sell button when I log into my account for the tickets...They then send you a code...Not sure what this is but hopefully it is a way to change the owner
  4. Bought two RedZone and two Lowers through Pre-Sales...Having them be CC entry does that mean I have to go in with them (other two seats) at the same time? Thx...
  5. Section 209 Row 8 $625 for Pair I will get them to you immediately after payment... Selling for my brother as he can't go now...
  6. I'm selling two tickets for opening night 7/18 in section 227 Row 10...Face value is $500 for both so that is asking price...Thanks!
  7. hope3702

    2 for 7-18

    I have a friend that is trying to sell two..Section 227...Let me know if you are still in need..
  8. I have a friend that can't use her tickets for opening night...Section 227...Face Value...Please let me know if interested...
  9. This is a very solid U2 album...A balance between current sound and throwback to their roots...Love the Acoustic Sessions as well...Song for Someone is my favorite...They change their sound from album to album which to me is what makes them great...Raised by Wolves is awesome as well...Every Breaking Wave is terrific (great song)...The cover is a little strange but who cares...
  10. I agree as well...Plus I saw that upper seats and lower seats are 312 (w/fees) face value...I assume the sections close to the stage but still...350 vs 312 to be right next to stage...No Brainer I would assume they would be considered charitable donations
  11. Too much but I never did GA and this allows me to not wait on line for many hours before the show...$350 a pop...Alot more then regular GA...I justify it by the donation aspect of it...
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