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  1. Somewhat appropriate for our visit and stay in Chicago. Chicago Hyatt Regency Thanks lads, for a great night! May 23, 2018
  2. I wish they’d add Out of Control to the rotation.
  3. Confirmed on June 11th. Arrived in Greater Cincinnati March 7th. (pristine condition)
  4. Difficult to pick a favorite. "Little Things..." is as great as I hoped it would be after it was debuted during JT30. The third verse in "Love is Bigger..." is beautiful! i wish the song was a tad bit longer, though. My five year son old loves "American Soul" and "The Showman"
  5. The fact that tickets are still available in a market the size of greater Atlanta in a 13,000 seat arena is telling. Based on the 60 Minutes-Australia interview, U2 does look to be headed to Oz fall of 2018. i wonder if the band is a bit road weary after JT30 tour, hence the shorter e+i tour.
  6. I had read that the e+i tour would not return to the US in the fall in lieu of touring Australia/Asia, which would enable this tour to last only thru 2018.
  7. Any rumors of more dates out there? searching for hope. only chance of seeing U2 in 2018 will depend on dates closer to home.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. The failures of presale system seemed to be louder than the successes - not to minimize the frustrations of those who couldn't get tickets. I was one of them. But it did work for many. I'm guessing demand may be a bit diluted compared to last week - but i suspect GAs will still go quickly. I need three for Chicago #2. I hope i get a code for the Citibank presale.
  9. Trying to get an idea of successful GA purchases using the Citibank presale. Based on what transpired during round 1, what chance do I have for Chicago #2? - assuming I get a Citi presale code.
  10. Hate to sound conspiratorial, but my cell phone has been lighting up the past day or so from unfamiliar phone numbers, phone numbers not in my contacts list, numbers from areas of the county where i have no acquaintances. I have a personal policy of NOT answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. And these "callers" are not leaving messages. I have a feeling this is a direct consequence of signing up for the pre-sale opportunities as instructed.
  11. I got one too. immediately caused suspicion, so I ignored it. Evidence of Ticketmaster’s system being hacked?
  12. RedZones RZ1 &RZ2 are part of GA. Just more expensive. They are segregated from normal GA. besides proximity to the main stage, some perks and conveniences might also be included. During i +e tour, upon entering the arena, GA tickets holders - and I assume RedZone GA tickets holders - had to make a choice between North Side & South Side of stage - i.e. Edge’s side or Adams side. If in place for this tour, it may prevent any movement between zones, but I’m not sure. the stage will divide the arena floor including the Redzones. Trying to move between would be a pain in the ass. However, i don’t think there’s anything preventing RedZone ticket holders from moving between RedZone and GA.
  13. Ive got presale codes for U2.com and Citibank. neither were used. are they valid if new dates are added?
  14. LiveNation/Ticketmaster and U2 need to grow a pair and do something
  15. Do the tickets use CC entry like I+e and JT30? How are tickets on StubHub being resold? If it can be determined the “tickets” on the secondary market were purchased by scalpers, why can’t TicketMaster cancel the tickets? didnt some artist do that recently?
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