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  1. What was the announcement? Something about a radio? Anything other than a tour is an anticlimax! 😂 Good footage although wish they would drop Elevation from their setlist. Good tune but overplayed.
  2. Looks great. I understand there is a live link to the show tonight that was sent to subscribers. As I never got the email, any chance anyone can post this link in the subscribers site please. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Will try this and see what happens. Not been a problem before with getting emails (as far as I know) so they have maybe just forgotten to email me.
  4. Did anyone bsed in UK get the email from U2.com about this announcement? Just wondering if I am not the only one and it was sent to people based in certain countries only? Anyone know the contact email for U2.com in case I need to ket them know I am not getting emails from them any longer. Thanks very much.
  5. Thanks. That is what I think too. I saw there was 2 GA sections in the Seoul arena.
  6. Just deciding whether I have enough leave to go or not. On the GA tickets, can someone tell me whether there are two different sections. Does not look like it from the seating plan? Just don't want to buy late in the presale and then be stuck at the back. Thanks v much
  7. If it is truly an outdoor show (not sure if the stadium is closed or not), given it is winter in Seoul, that will explain the slower GA sales compared to the seats.
  8. How great Landlady was played. Sorry to hear about the sour faced peeps - have been a few around for the Irish shows - but how wonderful you met real U2 fans. The ones with generosity of spirit. Why do U2 tours have to end!!
  9. No wider offence intended. Simply a case of hoping if person concerned read the post, may help with some reflection on how they acted.
  10. No need to be more specific. Unfortunately it was not cultural differences (I love the States and have many American friends) but people can just be complete rude jerks sometimes (and in every country). No harm us all remembering to act with more grace at times. Hopefully all concerned enjoyed the show. It was epic!
  11. U2 Fans are great people and travel very well. So I was disappointed in Belfast to see an American women act like a complete ass towards others in the GA queue last night. If you decide to travel to go to any shows (as I also have), don't act like a total tool - particularly to the locals. In my experience most of us do act brilliantly, love meeting new people and enjoy the whole experience. Let's keep that going as it is what makes following this band special. :0)
  12. I was at Hamburg last night and the show was incredible. If you don't want your Manchester ticket, I will happily take it. U2 has always let their views be known. You either agree or not but they are not about division. We all go for the music and it is our choice whether to let something we may have a different opinion on ruin a show. That is not U2's doing - that is our choice. The EU flag does feature as some nentioned but its under the theme of unity. I have no doubt the Manchester show will be very poignant given what tragically happened there. No band does compassion better in places that need it - that is what they bring. I was glad on the ietour they did not shy away from playing SBS or Raised by Wolves in Belfast (and Dublin). So I would expect the EU flag to feature. I hope you do go and have a great evening.
  13. All I can say is that Hamburg 1 was epic!! I am delighted the setlist changed! I hope they chop it up again for Belfast. Would be wonderful to have some oldies -Gloria. And maybe Please or Peace on Earth. Hopefully not SBS or Elevation. Its good but I am Tired of Elevation. Electric Co should tske its place. Acrobat was epic so was Zoo Station and Wild Horses!!
  14. Video of Zoo Station was great. It was epic. Anyone know what hotel the lads are staying in in Hamburg?
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