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  1. BTW, I'm packing for Vancouver today!! Heading up tomorrow! Anjana.... remember PattiH? I think we will finally meet!
  2. I do feel badly for Larry.... sad timing. Happened on Sunday, right? I would think it would be difficult to jump on a tour right away. But with his dedication to fans, I think if it was going to change anything we would know by now...
  3. oh bring your dog!!! it would be great to meet all of the zootop dogs :-)
  4. Could I get in on Mich's ticket??? Always wanted to come to your fair land, and meeting up with the zootops would be amazing.... (I know, I know, I'm not around enough..... no one knows who I am any more!! but I'm still a zootop in my heart!!)
  5. in fact, we're headed to Vancouver for this tour, and just confirmed an apartment / condo on VRBO for less than $100/night, near the venue, and it looks really great. we've had great luck on that site.... check it out :-)
  6. just fyi, we came to boston to see bruce a couple yrs ago, and we found an awesome deal on an apartment on VRBO.... it was located downtown, an incredible location and relatively inexpensive. Clean, private, and PERFECT! just a thought!
  7. 12679! Hellllooooooo and Gooooooodbyyyyyyyyeeee ANJ!!
  8. 12190 - just busy busy.... not much 'puter time... spend most of my time waiting for a new album! (not)
  9. 12188 Anj!! hello hello hello!!! everything here is SO different!! HOW ARE YOU!!
  10. haven't received mine yet.... should I be worried?? haha I'd email, but no one ever replies.... :-(
  11. haven't been in in ages..... don't even recognize this place!! very strange!....12186
  12. 11282- unable to log on for the longest time.... now I'm able, and EXCITED with the new music and a new album in the near future....Plus I just discovered UR radio which I LOVE!!!! and a guiness and whiskey on board.... and I miss you guys!!!!! ARE we excited about a potential NEW TOUR??????
  13. It's a Beautiful Day

    1. Anjana


      niiiiikkkkiiii hellooooo:D

    2. pain_18_


      Don't Let it Get Awaaayy...Touch me, touch me, take me to that other place !!!!!!!!!! What a song, it becomes better & better with time, just like Wine !!!

  14. It's a Beautiful Day

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