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  1. Still looking for a ticket. Hoping for a GA drop. Driving down there first thing in the morning in hope of getting either a GA or a reduced price seat.
  2. I think the key here is "in numerical order". They may have thought you were referring to the actual wristbands to get you on the floor. I would be shocked if they changed their process from their usual--because of the location of the Garden and the fact it is also a commuter hub, they don't want people hanging around all day and so they typically hand out their own numbered wristbands around 8am (*NO TIME HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED YET FOR THIS TOUR*). The fan line for i+e was particularly well run and orderly beforehand and we all migrated in our order to the Garden doors when they wanted
  3. Yesterday and today are the two days I couldn't do a meet & greet if there was one, and low and behold I missed it yesterday!! With my luck I'll miss one today too! I was up in the balcony last night and my heart broke when the girl that got pulled up on stage was standing in the exact E-stage spot I was in on Saturday (and she didn't have an awkward security guard blocking her view the whole time)! All in all though, so happy to have been in the room, and generally that close to them! Next tour (and it better be soon) hopefully I'll get meet & greet time!
  4. I'm not sure on the RZ numbers, but the band moves around so much on this tour, being on Edge or Adam's side doesn't make a huge difference.
  5. I don't have GA, but I have one extra balcony seat (306, row 2) I'm trying to sell for tonight (face value). I'd be willing to sell the pair for 1 GA ticket.
  6. I have a single Balcony (306, row 2) I'm looking to sell. Face value $87. Would sell the pair if I could get a GA ticket.
  7. Hey all, I have 1 balcony ticket for sale for tonight's show (7/14) Section 306 row 2--great view of the E-stage. I'm going tonight so will meet you at the venue or beforehand if you would like. I would also be willing to trade/sell the pair of balcony tickets for 1 GA ticket. Great opportunity if you want to be in the room and have a good view of things at a decent price. Only asking for face value of ticket(s) obviously. There's no way I'm not going tonight, so if you actually need a pair, I would need another single ticket from you as part of the deal. PM me for details and
  8. I'd be interested in buying the ticket, but don't have one to trade unfortunately--unless you'd be interested in a 2nd row balcony seat on the 14th to contribute to the cost of the RZ.
  9. Hey all, Over the past 2 days, I got event reminder e-mails from Ticketmaster (as usual) for the shows on the 14th & 15th. I realized that I never got a reminder for the 10th. I have GA tickets for this night, and raced to TM to check my account. The tickets are still there thankfully, but I was wondering whether any of you did or did not receive a reminder e-mail from TM for the 10th. Also, I remember for past shows getting an e-mail from the venue about GA policy (both the Garden and Gillette have done this), and that hasn't come as well. Have other GAers been getting reminders or mi
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