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  1. Still looking for a ticket. Hoping for a GA drop. Driving down there first thing in the morning in hope of getting either a GA or a reduced price seat.
  2. I think the key here is "in numerical order". They may have thought you were referring to the actual wristbands to get you on the floor. I would be shocked if they changed their process from their usual--because of the location of the Garden and the fact it is also a commuter hub, they don't want people hanging around all day and so they typically hand out their own numbered wristbands around 8am (*NO TIME HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED YET FOR THIS TOUR*). The fan line for i+e was particularly well run and orderly beforehand and we all migrated in our order to the Garden doors when they wanted us there. It's nice to be able to enjoy the city for most of the day too!
  3. I think maybe Willie was talking about original ideas they had for the books, and is mixing together the debris and actual books thrown. I definitely saw Lord of the Flies on the catwalk in front of me, and The Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis) was the other one nearby. Someone else told me Milton's Paradise Lost was one of them. As close as I was to the stack on the E-stage one night, I cold not get a clear picture, but did see Bono pick up a Poems collection--I'll see if I can figure out which one it was. There was one book that was pretty large, not thick but L & W dimension-wise it was very much like a textbook. He didn't throw all of them off the E-stage. The crew ended up putting a few of them underneath. I had one in my hands that security guy picked up from behind the rail, but another fan from behind grabbed it from above and out of my hand--couldn't even see the title it happened so quickly. I definitely got pages from Alice, Dante's Paradisio, & Psalms. It's certainly an amazingly jarring effect, and I would have loved to be a part of the curating of this bit of the tour! As for reasons, I remember reading that quote above before too, but also didn't the car bombing in Raised by Wolves happen not too long after school got out? Bono said that he usually would have been in that area after school, but went elsewhere instead that day. A lot of those books are school books.
  4. I'm assuming it's the same for the ones you've pictured, but the two that I've purchased (different designs) were EDUN t-shirts, which is great because I had wondered why they didn't use those on the last tour. FYI though, they run small and will likely shrink.
  5. Yesterday and today are the two days I couldn't do a meet & greet if there was one, and low and behold I missed it yesterday!! With my luck I'll miss one today too! I was up in the balcony last night and my heart broke when the girl that got pulled up on stage was standing in the exact E-stage spot I was in on Saturday (and she didn't have an awkward security guard blocking her view the whole time)! All in all though, so happy to have been in the room, and generally that close to them! Next tour (and it better be soon) hopefully I'll get meet & greet time!
  6. ALenaghan

    RED Zone Swap

    I'm not sure on the RZ numbers, but the band moves around so much on this tour, being on Edge or Adam's side doesn't make a huge difference.
  7. I have an extra balcony ticket for tonight (306, row 2), face value $87. Would be willing to sell pair for 1 GA.
  8. I don't have GA, but I have one extra balcony seat (306, row 2) I'm trying to sell for tonight (face value). I'd be willing to sell the pair for 1 GA ticket.
  9. I have a single Balcony (306, row 2) I'm looking to sell. Face value $87. Would sell the pair if I could get a GA ticket.
  10. Hey all, I have 1 balcony ticket for sale for tonight's show (7/14) Section 306 row 2--great view of the E-stage. I'm going tonight so will meet you at the venue or beforehand if you would like. I would also be willing to trade/sell the pair of balcony tickets for 1 GA ticket. Great opportunity if you want to be in the room and have a good view of things at a decent price. Only asking for face value of ticket(s) obviously. There's no way I'm not going tonight, so if you actually need a pair, I would need another single ticket from you as part of the deal. PM me for details and better contact info! Cheers!
  11. Still hoping for a GA drop tomorrow morning like they did for #1 today. chaos, if you still haven't sold your tickets by tomorrow, be in touch if you're willing to sell 1.
  12. The alcohol policy has been in place in Boston for at least 10 years now, it's nothing new. The bag policy makes total sense, but it's definitely frustrating if they won't allow small purses or camera cases in--especially if they would have searched them anyway. It does seem like The Garden employees have all been given different information though, and even their general policy says, "Guests are also reminded that bags, backpacks, luggage, laptops, coolers, parcels, briefcases and like articles will be strictly prohibited from the facility. All guests will be subject to search, at TD Garden’s discretion, of their person and/or possessions (including women’s handbags of normal size that may be allowed entry after such search)", and there's no adaptation of that on the U2 section of their site that bigwave posted yesterday. While I wouldn't suggest anyone risk getting turned away tomorrow (or another day), it might be worth bringing what you would want to take in along with you to get your numbered wristband and ask if it would be allowed. Otherwise, I'm hoping my friend wears cargo shorts. More TD Garden Policies: http://www.tdgarden.com/td-garden-policies/
  13. Random numbering does not sound fair at all; and given the fact that most venues have been doing the wrist banding (that Boston started the pattern for on the Vertigo tour), why would Boston all of a sudden switch to a random numbered system? I understand given the Garden's location that they really can't have people lining up for long periods or camping, but I thought the sequentially numbered wristbands of 2005 were the perfect solution. GA's all about putting the time commitment in. I've only been able to get to GA lines in the past in early afternoon, and have still managed to get great spots five or so rows back from the rail--granted it's not always great for a person that's 5'2" like me, but still amazing. I'm able to put in the early time commitment this time around and really want to get a rail spot (given there's so much of it I didn't think it would be too hard this time), but why bother if I could really end up at ANY place in line come 5pm.
  14. The daughter of someone that I work with won tickets to Friday's show. I think it was right around the start of the tour. I'm not sure whether it was a radio thing or not; I think she may have said that it was something with her college. I checked 92.9's website and they have a "enter for a chance to win" thing for U2 tickets. If you spend enough time listening to the radio, chances are they might have some giveaways this week for the shows too.
  15. The NLOTH radio gigs were promoted on most radio stations. WZLX (100.7) is always a good bet for U2 related giveaways and contests given their history with the band. I remember listening to and calling not only 100.7, but 92.9, 104.1, and I think WAAF (97.7/107.3) as well. I was relatively unemployed at the time, so I had the time to listen around and call in--I came so close so many times! All in all though, I ended up being happy I didn't get in to the show because I was able to hangout behind the theatre and met Edge & Bono as they came in for the sound check. Such a memorable if quick experience!! They kept refusing to sign things saying that they had to get in for the sound check and were just shaking hands today, but as soon as Edge got to me he just grabbed my sharpie and poster out of my hand and signed it. Edge borrowed my sharpie to sign someone's thing next to me and nicely gave it back. As Bono moved down the line he kept refusing things too and then when he got to me he said, "Maybe we will sign some things.", signed my poster and then proceeded to take my sharpie with him! I was so stupidly happy that I was the first person they both signed stuff for that day. I wish Adam and Larry had come through as well so I could have a poster with all four signatures on it, but I'm so happy with what I do have and that sucker's not coming out of that frame. I'll just have to get a second one for Adam & Larry at some point! At any rate, I also imagine a lot of those stations will be giving away tickets to the regular shows as the week goes on too if anyone is particularly lucky and is looking for tickets. Most contests are announced on their websites, or you can call in to see if they'll be doing giveaways (at least for the regular shows).
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