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  1. Totally feel for ya...i'm able to spend TOO much time gettin tickets today or I'd be just like you...its kinda bs but its always been that way, dating back to people sleeping in lines, taking off from work...the almighty DOLLAR dictates...and yeah, its t he dollar no matter we talkin bout vancouver or not!!! Weeeeee Yup, c'est la vie. I've had the time and patience to get fantastic tickets before, and I'm sure I will again. It'll still be a great show, and hey, I'll get getting back to my roots - my first U2 concert was ZooTV in the nosebleeds at BC Place, two weeks after my 14th birthday! At least I'll be closer to the stage this time around...back then, I was at the very, very back, and Bono really did look like a fly
  2. Heh...I was on the floor, around the mid-point of the catwalk, on the side that he fell on, and I noticed absolutely nothing until I read about it later because there were too many tall people in the way, and I'd shifted my attention to whoever was coming down behind him (Larry, I think?)
  3. Aw, I'm kicking myself now, seeing that GAs came up later. I'm sick, and had a busy day ahead of me at work, so I took 400 level as being better than nothing...maybe they'll add a second show and I'll be able to get GA for it.
  4. I made it to both nights. Night one I was in GA, south side, about 3/4 of the way down the catwalk towards the e stage, a couple of people back from the rail. Second night I was in section 114, which was my first time in reserved seats since they started doing GA for the floor. I was a little disappointed with the reserved seats - the view was great, and it was nice to get the full visual on the screens, but the energy was completely dead, I think largely because the people surrounding me appeared to be casual fans at best, so they not only checked out during all the new songs, at least a couple of the people near me clearly thought I was insane from my reaction to hearing the first few notes of Bad... Overall, I enjoyed the shows and I'm glad I made it to both. I also thought the new material sounded fantastic, and while there are always songs we could put on our dream setlists, there was a pretty good mix of new and old favourites. I definitely enjoyed the GA experience more, even with not always being able to fully see the screens (or stuff on stage...despite being embarassingly close to where it happened, neither my friend or I saw Edge fall the first night because there were a few too many tall people in the way!)
  5. No problem with credit card entry. They swiped my card, didn't check ID. We got there fairly late, and as others have said, had no problem finding good spots. I was probably fairly close to bedoe69 on South side, just a bit farther up from where Edge fell off, with just enough people between me and the spot where he fell that I have to admit my friend and I didn't even notice! I've got lower bowl tickets for tonight and I'm looking forward to getting to see the screens a bit better...
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