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  1. Next indoor tour, put the Main Stage in the middle of the floor Willie, work some magic...
  2. Ha ! It looks like a band photo !
  3. Yes the Mods do Stellar work in these parts...
  4. Wish as well... smallest venue on the tour I think...should be Epic !
  5. Hi, just want to share a feeling... After my 1 & only show of the Experience tour that I will be able to see. (Philly 1)...I just want to throw this out there.... it might hit somewhere...... Thank you U2 for continuing to put out the good shit that gets me to think, to look beyond & to feel..... You Irish keep the fight going. Your not going down... I am up for a Pint.....Hicksong......
  6. Always wondered how long it takes to build a show ? Any idea ?
  7. surprised .... lots of great seats available for both nights
  8. I saw a picture and it looked like there were 2 small stages/platforms on both sides of the long walkway.... what’s going on here ? Thanks !
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