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  1. No problem to Watch the screen from Red Zone in the Last I&E Tour It's the same Stage in E&I tour and I think it's the same RZ situation
  2. I was in Red Zone in I&E tour in London It was great for me, no queue to came in, near the main stage and catwalk, a space without agglomerations and chance to move for all pitch
  3. In a raffle when you collect for your ticket in the queue There is a tablet that select a winner when you press on it
  4. Spain opens fraud probe after resale of U2 concert tickets for over €900 https://elpais.com/elpais/2018/02/14/inenglish/1518606708_792088.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
  5. No, that's the problem You can find tickets for Night 2 and the general sales is tomorrow
  6. One of the reason what I prefer to trip abroad instand of trying to get tickets for My own country New controversy over U2 tickets: they are already reselling for more than 200 euros without having gone on sale http://www.lasexta.com/noticias/cultura/nueva-polemica-entradas-estan-reventa-mas-200-euros-haber-salido-venta_201802015a7352830cf201d4f6670002.html
  7. Easy and fast I've got my 2 Red Zone Ticket to Paris
  8. Well. I have received my CD presale code yet from FNAC CD Codes presale is available from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24
  9. I havent received My album presale code yet. I bought the CD in FNAC
  10. I saw a few kids under 14 in GA TJT Rome this summer
  11. Does anyone have the presales codes already?
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