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  1. I'm still waiting for the Standard New Subscription Package 2017 (U2CBSN17) which was an non-designated gift (it was a mystery), as well as the Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection (U2CF2909). So technically I'm waiting not only one year for a gift, but another year for an additional subscription gift making this over 2 years wait. I've made repeated calls and finally I have an investigation in the works. Will see if they respond! I did not renew my subscription and am blown away at the marketing machine that U2 has become while blindly stomping their boots on the foundation of those that have been fans for years.
  2. I'm glad to see them in concert again. It seemed it was just a short time ago (2015) I saw them last and thought it will be great to see them in the future, but I didn't expect it to be so soon. In fact, I was thinking it would be great to have a space of time in between tours so they could focus on the creative side of their craft. In any event, I could not nor would not (unless I was truly unable to) miss a concert with U2. Strange as it sounds, Joshua Tree was not an album I found myself gravitating to, but there are a few songs on their I really like. And I get the point of the original post of this thread, that the tour may just be a commercial endeavor fulfilled. In the end, we, the fans will have a really good time despite the mechanisms of the music business and its demands on artists. Who knows? Maybe U2 will throw in some surprises during the concerts!
  3. at 1:01 this morning I finally got 2 GA tickets!!! I worked late and then returned home thinking I'd give it a try. When I was attempting my very last try I was surprised to see that my order was being processed. Now here is the odd part. . . I gave up on the option to let the computer find the "best available," which is a joke, and used the 'choose a seat option' that is not always available. I'm not sure how I worked it to get to that option, but once I saw it was available I thought it was worth a try. I was able to click on the floor GA area and after a few, well, many, attempts it finally worked. Once the order was processed through TM, I thought it was odd that there is the option to sell my tickets once I've purchased them. There is big money to be made here, and I think TM and whomever is managing U2 are not struggling to put a stop to it.
  4. I'm just as disappointed! My situation is somewhat similar, but I am not buying for family and just for myself and a friend. But budget issues and the fact I shelled out $50 to rejoin (I was a member for many years and had recent life changes, which caused my subscription to lapse) is leaving me ....disappointed. I tried from 9am and again at intervals throughout the day and continue to be squeezed into the 300, $100 level. I was ready to shell out the general admission fee and be satisfied, and within my budget. I have to say, the album The Joshua Tree was never a favorite, and maybe that will be a good enough reasoning to give up and skip this concert.
  5. I cleared my cache, and still....nothing works. I shut everything down, restarted the computer, re-entered the U2 site, and went through all the motions to order tickets including numerous captcha prompts and then receive hit and miss on seat availability, with the majority of the time the message being, "We are unable to process your request." The few seats offered are 300 level. Membership does not guarantee decent tickets, I'm learning. I had been a member for a number of years and with life changes my subscription lapsed for a year. I had not received any notifications that it was approaching its end. But in reading the forum posts I see no matter what membership you have you are going to run into these same difficulties. I'm on a limited income and stretched it to get my membership back up and running in hopes to get general admission. It seems that is not even available, and I'm forced to the highest point in the stadium at $100 per seat. My budget will only allow the general admission price. So much for U2 looking out for the little guy. Yeah, yeah, ...it is not a U2 issue, but come on....these guys have the money to hire a ticketing agency that could be outfitted to handle these situations. And yes, at the 300 level I could reason that heck, I get to go, after all. But that then excuses the principal of offering membership pre-sale with the idea you have first access to seats you would prefer.
  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly! What, indeed, is the value of membership when availability is non-existent? I just checked StubHub for a Seattle, WA show in the US and general admission is going for $545 per ticket.
  7. Nice job on part two of the article/essay! You really did do your research, and thanks for the mention-- it will be my 15 minutes. What an amazing perspective and experience you had in the 2005 show. Whenever I am present in these shows I have to stop from being overwhelmed by the excitement of it and try to absorb every aspect. Extra effort was given to NOT pull out my camera and snap away knowing in doing that I will be missing the here and now moments.
  8. Nice article! Thanks for sharing and the link to the video is great as well. To see the confetti fall from that perspective, it was magical! I didn't have my photo of the confetti tagged, so I edited it on this site, but I'm not sure how to add it to the u2wanderer site. If it can be shared from here, feel free to use it. One thing is certain as the article touched on is the audience participation and interaction are indeed part of the art and make the shows more than just entertainment but total immersion in the experience. Before, during, and after we are still talking about it. That's cool.
  9. Exactly the scene I was describing!. . . .as Willie William said in the interview, 'Its really quite odd but entirely magical.' and the picture shown in the interview is just as I saw it, odd but magical! Also, I thought the stage design was fantastic allowing all to see (well most everyone) at one time or another on the walkway, on the screen, on the stage. For myself on the floor, it was so cool to see the band on stage and on the walkway--live! right there in the same place I was in and so close. I was so immersed in seeing the band members playing the songs I've heard many times so I didn't watch the screens so much, but did catch that one scene. A good one, too.
  10. ow..lovely..lucky you...poor Alice, looks like she lost her head..! thanks for posting. Just like Alice I've lost my head as well.
  11. Oh yes! And the chapter opens with Alice growing to such a tremendous size her head hits the ceiling. Just yesterday I was watching a video from the concert in LA that struck me as a probability where the song Until The End Of The World is being played. The video is not that great so I won't try to post here. Bono is projected larger than life on the video screen, I mean REALLY big and the Edge is on the extended stage in the same "frame" of the video screen jamming away little as little can be while Bono gestures toward him stretching out his hand and spitting a little stream of water on him. No kidding. Not so sure that gesture is Alice in Wonderland material (but it is a little bizarre), but the idea of Bono being huge, blown up in a mammoth size compared to the Edge's tiny and little size brought to mind the excerpt from the page. Also this is the song they played when the confetti is dropped. I didn't watch the video before posting my question. Interesting things to think about for sure.
  12. There may be an obvious answer but it is not something I'm aware of so at the risk of my naivete here it goes . . . what is the significance of the Alice in Wonderland confetti at the ie concert? I'm not even sure what song was playing if that plays a part, I was in such a state of concert bliss that details are few.
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