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  1. Yes....very close. Crescent street. 5 min walk
  2. Yah.....I must admit, I would not be impressed if I was on the other end. I do understand people frustration. Just cutting it close to showtime and I couldn't resist!
  3. Looking bleak, so I pulled the trigger on these ones instead. GA is soooo hard to find.
  4. Hey all I cashed in on the ticket drop today for Montreal and got some great tickets in the 100 level. I have 2 end tickets in the 400 section for sale. We are driving to Montreal from Nova Scotia for the shows arriving Thursday night. If interested, we could meet up before the show sometime. These are hard tickets bought from ticketmaster ENJOY THE SHOWS!!
  5. I have 2 xtra cheap hard tickets for Friday if interested
  6. If you open the link with Facebook it should work?? Lines may or may not be a problem. I'm not sure how popular Hurleys is on the weekends. We are going Thursday night too....will scope it out
  7. https://www.facebook.com/events/467565213399045/ For hurleys https://www.facebook.com/events/467565213399045/ For hurleys https://www.facebook.com/events/467565213399045/ For hurleys
  8. Hey all Here is a link to a Facebook page..the name is..... U2 after party with Shawn Brady Lead singer of u2 tribute band Elevation. He is very good! See ya there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!
  9. It is not the band elevation. Shawn Brady is the singer from elevation. Him and a guy on keyboards. He says he will be playing a lot of U2 along with some Radiohead, Killers and a mixed bag of other stuff. He also has 2 solo cds. He knows how to get a place going...be a good time for sure!
  10. Thanks...I check pretty regularly, missed one last week
  11. I don't have an any ga for the 13th but I am in desperate need for one more on the 12th! My brother is in the 400 section and the other members of our group are GA. Please let me know if you can help us out
  12. Just the 1....somebody hotta have 1??
  13. That is great news! I have seen Elevation several times, they are GREAT! He also has some really good original stuff. My gang from Nova Scotia will be there! Thanks for the info!!
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