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  1. I would also like to know this. Is this no longer part of the experience?
  2. Will there also be an album purchase pre-sale? Due to the overnight "one transaction" rule I cannot use my Experience code for this second concert... (I now did buy one extra GA ticket to swap; if needed)
  3. I get this (403) error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /seating-plan/amsterdam-ziggo-dome-arena-zitplaatsen-stoelnummers-zaal-plattegrond/amsterdam-ziggo-dome-arena-plattegrond.htm on this server.
  4. Was super surprised to get this on an email address that is still almost free of spam, being addressed with proper first and last name... Good to see that this is the source! So probably no spammer?
  5. This FAQ seems to suggest that Verified Fan is for US & Canada only? http://insider.ticketmaster.com/u2-experience-innocence-tour-2018-verifiedfan/ Where does the #VerifiedFan program apply? U2 is using #VerifiedFan for their U.S. + Canada dates only. For other countries, visit U2.com to learn more about the rest of the World Tour.
  6. Nice show, but I was very surprised that there was more echo than in the Amsterdam Arena (which is "famous" for this). Luckily only noticeable when Bono was speaking; not during the music. Did anyone catch who he dedicated RTSS to? Sounded like Herman Brood again...
  7. I got what I wished for... And so much more! Beautiful night and while you should not compare I think they did top Saturday...
  8. Seems like the girl on stage during Mysterious Ways was something special, but not spontaneous:
  9. Deleted (noticed too late that this is the 30/7 thread; see 29/7 thread instead)
  10. "A sort of homecoming"; that's the only thing I wish for (that's within reach). Will be hard to top last night though...
  11. Sylvia, thanks for the link. That explains why I was thinking of a catwalk. The layout seems to differ from the US ones presented here...
  12. Did not pay too much attention due to the ticket stress, but it seemed to be T-shaped in Amsterdam. I'm not sure however which part might be the catwalk (if any).
  13. I had several errors on the 3rd party ticket site, but it seems that in the end I got what I wanted anyway (within 1 hour, way before public sale). So still very pleased with my U2.com membership! (BTW: also in the non-touring years; I really like the renewal gifts - though I don't have an LP player...)
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