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  1. Oh never noticed the moment when Adam started early on Angel... and the smiles. Glad that wasn’t edited out!!
  2. twoshots

    U2 Berlin

    oops. sorry, I thought I was able to create an album - but now they are all in this thread. Well, enjoy!
  3. Honestly, I am happy and excited about the DVD. I can play it everywhere, get the audio easily. I guess U2 will release the film on 4k on iTunes or stream it on netflix - and then we can decide that too. My hunch is that the DVD will be the physical release and a online/streaming version will come out as well. Also, I am happy for all the fans around that they can see the show easily and the DVD is by far the most common format. True, 4k would be great, too. And I probably will fork out something to see me an my daughter in the first row (if we made the cut....). I am good with that.
  4. Fotoset now on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKP3BjU And I will offer high res pics for anyone with a spare XXL t-shirt! Come on - be a kind soul! :-))
  5. Good point! so the solution is label it as merchandise with a value! Would that solve the Zoll issue?!?
  6. On the German Zoll issue - just to be constructive! I inspected that label. The subscriber "gift" was labelled as "merchandise" with a value of 0. Now, If I look at this from a very limited perspective, I would say "merchandise" as per definition cannot have a value of "Zero". So perhaps next year, owe could have this either labelled as a Gift with a value of, say USD10 - which would make it less problematic. Or merchandise with a value below 10 - but it must have a value (I am not an expert on this though, surely there are better informed people here). But I understand that reasoning that ANY. merchandise cannot have zero value. Hope this helps and someone picks it up!
  7. so my gift was here - my son had to pick his up today at the German custom office and pay another EURO8. It was interesting that EVERYONE in the custom office new about it, as this is an annual thing (by the way, I did not manage to pick up mine last year, as I was out of the country and didn't get there in time - wasn't much bothered although now I have a vinyl player I would be more interested....). Oddly, this was shipped from Switzerland but lacking the real tax declaration. A simple "Gift" declaration would have resolved this. Not all packages get picked out. It would be really good to get this right next time. It was routine for the customs ("Ah the U2 gift") and is an inconvenience as well as an embarrassment for the Fanclub, I think. Love the gift though....
  8. I know, I know, I know. Perhaps there is a kind soul out there somewhere. One can always hope!!!
  9. Oh wow - what a night! I never thought I would see this show again after Berlin 2017 - but due to my current stay in China I made it happen.... My daughter loved it as well, she came out with me. They always play at moment of transcendence in my life - moving back to Europe next week, but here are still some early shots..... Will be posting more when I am done moving and editing. @Max Tsukino do you know whether there is any way I can still get one of the event t-shirts? I am an XXL European, and they were aaaaaalllll gone after the concert (I thought it was a wise idea not to take them into GA, but missed out. If anyone here wants to work this out and has a spare one, I would appreciate it very, very much!!!!! xx
  10. Flying in from China! One question - The Will call will open at 2 as well, so many of us will only get our tickets then. I guess the number will be honored as well for the line up, when we don't have the physical ticket in hand - anyone has more information/experience with that. Its gonna be exciting but coooooold! Light up the Joshua Tree before Xmas!
  11. Just saying - it appears to have arrived in Berlin, Germany! Just a couple of weeks until I actually hold it in my hands - can't wait to see the real thing in Seoul before 😈
  12. just a small bit of advice. Looking over and twitter, the line up is indeed in ticket number. When you select standing tickets, make sure to select the right zone. The front zone is sort of purple and has the lowest numbers. I bought around 2100 last night in the second row, and since I still have 2 purchases left, just went in again, and snatched two at the 240 mark further up. Tickets are refundable for the first couple of days, so I cancelled the first purchase (yes, I am brave). Will print all this out, but just a word of warning to those booking tickets red-eyed!!
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