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    The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby
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    One, All I want is you, Kite, Electrical Storm, Bad, Beautiful Day, Streets.........
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    London 1 2018
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    Edge <3
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  1. Hello,

    It’s good to see that you’re still around.



    1. Elaine1202


      Still chugging along, gave in and subscribed too 🤦‍♀️ X

    2. Mark-in-pock


      It has to be done! 
      seems a long long time ago that I was last at a U2 gig.


  2. No and on principle I refuse to buy at inflated prices through the reselling sites. My loss I suppose.
  3. Do think those folks chatting on Sanbaresi's stream,know how many people are listening?!!
  4. The girl from Brighton was London 5 of 6. She had blue hair that's what I remember most. Brighton is on the south coast of England.
  5. thank you Elaine, glad to have it. I got the name wrong then, thought Bono said Brighton..
  6. Lucky girl from Fife on stage. Fife is on the east coast of Scotland, north of the forth road bridge from Edinburgh. Bit of a geography lesson
  7. From October to Pride in this European leg makes what is probably something for the list of U2's Best Moments Ever... Can't imagine you'd get many arguments there Max It's felt really emotional
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