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  1. Thanx Max! I will just sit back and relax for now then. ?
  2. the same IP adress-rule is a joke!! really?? so students, coworkers who couldnt get a day off for presale and buy their tix through same computer at work/college are being punished??? maybe try announcing a presale more than a day beforhand!!! there would have been no way i could get a day off to enter presale had i been working last week. and i bet i wasnt the only one! so maybe some fans thought they were lucky cause, unlike me, they are allowed to use pc at work. but only if none of there coworkers are also u2 fan and want to use their own code for the same concert??? as members of u2.com
  3. kyra (blue eyes) our new javanese with whizzy, OSH, enjoying the warmth from fishtank.
  4. happy birthday michelle & peter!!!
  5. happy birthday vertigoed * and simone! happy birthday wahine! *in case you're still wondering, its her 19th, sue.
  6. thanx inter, i had... kind of
  7. and thanx for card, sue!! you timed that one very well, and love the pic, but it was a bit of a WTF-feeling when i opened it, lol!!
  8. thanx friends, all of you over here and on FB!!
  9. i admit i'm getting a little confused, cant remember who i already wished a happy b-day (its what you get when you share ame friends in zoo and on FB...) anyway: to jenny (jen/jbarnych) and pollyanna!! btw: hope all goes well this time, cause when i tried to post this few hours ago, the messageboard went down...
  10. seems i missed a couple: happy b-day to janette, aisling and inter!
  11. congratulations, electricco!!
  12. thanx girls! will show her when she gets back from school. not sure bout the music tho, sue and: for all you lovely zootops, who's bday i forgot. sorry, but been very busy working. doesnt mean i love you less <3
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