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  1. In case anyone's interested, here's some reviews of the Saturday & Sunday shows (all have been really positive): NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/20/arts/music/review-u2-kicks-off-8-nights-in-new-york-with-depth-and-spectacle.html?_r=0 NY Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music/u2-resurrected-madison-square-garden-article-1.2296961 NY Post: http://nypost.com/2015/07/19/u2-still-plays-like-a-band-with-something-to-prove/ Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2015/07/20/u2-rocks-madison-square-garden-in-first-weekend-of-nyc-run/
  2. Just to circle back on this question that I raised last week, now that I've been to the first 2 shows this weekend, I wanted to report back in case anyone else is wondering for themselves. For both shows I brought smaller point-and-shoot type Sony cybershots (the 2nd one was an older one, as back-up - yes, paranoid, I know). :-) But I noticed something interesting when I entered MSG on Sunday evening, as I waited on the security line to have my bag checked and get wanded over: I saw the guy ahead of me on the line had a camera that was approximately the size of my aforementioned Sony Ne
  3. Wow, I bow to your devotion to the band - we have been having some horribly hot and humid weather this weekend, so that can not have been fun! But I guess all was forgotten once the show started, right? :-) Was it just me, or did you find Sunday's show even better than Saturday's? I thought they were both terrific, but just even moreso on Sunday.
  4. Yes. I bought a re-sale for this past Sunday's show (the 19th), and I was a little worried too (especielly when AMEX stopped the purchase initially to flag it to me in a fraud alert), but when I got to the entrance gate, as I held my breath, the ticket-taker scanned the paper I'd printed at home, and there was no problem. I would have been damn ticked off if there had been, given the big mark-up from Ticketmaster so they can double-dip and get a profit off the re-sale (as well as the original). Hope your experience is as problem-free too, and enjoy the show!
  5. Tlh, if you want to stay in the RedZone, and stay in one location for the whole show, then I'd say get there early and when you enter, head straight for the internal corner where the catwalk side and main stage sides meet (if that makes sense?). Or as mike7man suggests, consider it a GA ticket and join in there. Tonight I was in Section 102 and the plus there was you're smack in front of the "e" stage and you have a good sight line to the catwalk and main stage, but you miss the visuals up on the giant screen hanging suspended from the ceiling. But the great thing is, the boys travel
  6. If anyone's curious, here's my thoughts on last night's show. (and a few pix) Am back for more tonight, in section 102, let's see what that's like! Cheers!
  7. I had just finished work and made it to the Red Zone check-in just before 8pm, and by the time I reached the area (after 1 mistake, turning right when I got up the stairs from check-in and heading - like a lemming - with the crowd toward Tower B, which was wrong - I then had to turn around and face into the oncoming crowd, head to Tower A and go up 2 escalators), there will still a lot of space, even by the RZ rail. But sorry, I have no idea what time people started lining up.
  8. Hey guys, here's the reply I posted on a different thread to mike7man's question, based on my experience last night (and just to be clear - I was not entering with a ticket I bought off a re-sale, this was one I got myself when the pre-sale happened in December, but I asked for mike7man and also 'cos I was debating to see if any more RZ tix pop up for another of the remaining 7 shows and buy one): Ok, here's the deal - all I was asked for was photo ID, and I didn't even have to show my driver's license, I just showed my work ID. They put the wristbands on me and handed me the white envelo
  9. Hi mike7man, Ok, here's the deal - all I was asked for was photo ID, and I didn't even have to show my driver's license, I just showed my work ID. They put the wristbands on me and handed me the white envelope containing the keepsake/souvenir ticket and a (RED) postcard. It was all a bit of a rush and a lot going on so let me see how accurately I can repeat what Emma told me (she's the Red Zone manager/focal point person whose cel number you get in the email to call the day of the show if you've got questions or a problem). I asked her specifically what happens to people who might buy R
  10. Sure! Will do! And I'll ask the person handling the check-in about that (because if tonight's as great as I hope, I want to see if I could maybe get another RZ ticket for another night, and I worry about that check-in procedure too).
  11. Hi folks, If anyone's gonna be in RZ1 (Northside) tonight, I'm looking forward to enjoying the show with all of you. I'll be the one biting her lip hard to not start bawling during "Iris." Anyone on Twitter, I'm @ivernianeye See you soon!
  12. Shannon, great video! What type of camera did you use?
  13. Discman, my issue with the $40 fee is that typically - except maybe in this case because the band are doing so many nights in NYC - the so-called "pre-sale" nowadays become de facto the only sale because if you wait until the tickets are open to the general public, there's nothing left. At least that's how it's been the last few tours. But yeah, the downloads and the other things are nice (and I go back as far as the early Propaganda days too). On the Ticketmaster issue, have you considered reaching out to the Irish and Irish-American media and see if they'd do some coverage? I'm sur
  14. Ok, my last question for today..... I love how U2 are so cool about people taking pictures and using technology throughout their shows, but here's what I'm wondering...... I've splurged on a ticket to the Red Zone (1) for the very 1st show in the NYC series at MSG, and I really want to avoid any unfortunate surprises the night of the 18th, like finding out that they won't let me in with my camera. (Since it's the first night, I won't be able to consult the forums beforehand to see what anyone else has reported back.) I have a small Sony Nex 6 that is the best camera I have. It's not as
  15. I see all these pix and videos of people seeing the band entering or exiting whatever arena they're at and getting photos and autographs etc. Given that MSG is part of an entire city block, and not out in the 'burbs somewhere surrounded by miles of parking lot, is it even possible to have that kind of access here? If anyone's got any tips, I'd really appreciate them. I've been a fan of the band since they started (and even was lucky enough once as a kid to be let in by a roadie to see them rehearse before a gig at the Palladium eons ago), and I'd love a glimpse of them once more...
  16. Hi everyone, Really excited that they boys will be here so soon! Going to the 18th and 31st gigs. Does anyone know if they will be returning to those Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearances? Given that they'll be based in the city for 2 weeks, it seems possible. Of course Fallon's been MIA since his hand injury, and I don't know what his summer schedule is usually like on the show. If anyone's heard anything, I'd love to know, please. Cheers!
  17. Chris, I'm in Red Zone 1, going by myself too (stupid limitations of 2 tix per tour!) - I've never done GA or RZ before so I'm really curious to see how the experiences will compare. I think you're gonna have an awesome view! (Hope I will too, for all that $$$!) I'm going again on the last night of the NYC dates, but in the 100 section (which in retrospect maybe was dumb - should have forked over a little extra for the Red Zone again....)
  18. @U2TUF, I agree with you on the complete and utter hatred I have for Ticketmaster, and several tinges of disappointment at how U2 handle this. First, it really irks me that the only way to have a shot at decent seats is to fork over an extra $40 a year to join this group. (That said, I do appreciate all the content on the website, but I imagine a lot of that would be there even if they didn't have all of us dutifully handing over our money every year.) Second, what was the deal this year with only being able to buy 2 tickets over the entire tour?? If you wanted to attend more than o
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