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  1. Wow thats commitment! I was there for first two shows. Headed over again (from NZ) for 23/24 Feb shows. I'm there 21 Feb to 27 Feb. Solo this time, husband has done his dash! Going to do a few tours to get outside of the Vegas hubbub this tine too, death valley etc!
  2. Probably not but would be amazing if so!!!
  3. I think red zone punters get a chance to go backstage, guessing a lottery style thing. Red zone different to previous concerts (I've done RZ numerous times before) , not up front like usual but is elevated at back of GA. Very small area. This is from what I saw when doing GA and VIP GA first weekend in Oct. When we did the latter we were first in, no standard GA, but was only the second show so maybe they've changed the procedure re GA vs VIP....
  4. What dates are you doing in Feb? I am also GA and seated 100s for the last two Feb dates (in that order). I'll be doing a solo trip this time, husband has done his dash with the two Oct shows! You can always just sit down on the floor in GA (pre show of course), which is what we and some others did during that long 2ish hour wait before anything happens (we were one off the rail). Once the band comes on I'm sure you will be fine - though I'm always a bIt stiff next day nowadays! The Sphere experience is definitely less hardcore than a normal concert and getting a decent spot in GA is way easier with minimal endurance necessary, other than the pre show waiting.
  5. I went GA the opening night show and there was official wrist banding (being done by the venue, not random fans) in the morning. We got there around 9 I think, and were 284 from memory, and about 7 back from the rail - if you got there earlier, maybe 6/7am you'd likely be really close to rail. Second night we were VIP GA and they let us in first (before wrist banded GA), and we were 1 back from rail (amazing spot), so I would say the rail goes mainly to the VIP GA if they continue to follow that scenario, but the earlier you get there for wrist banding the closer you will be. That said it was not a jam packed GA and there appeared to be plenty of open spaces at the back of GA. Have great time!
  6. I'm coming again from new Zealand. I can't load the US TM app however I was easily able to download tics by logging into my US TM account, enter view tickets and it then gives option to download to Google wallet (I did from my android phone). I'm sure if you are apple it would give option for Apple wallet download. You can then just show at entry from wallet rather than app. Unfortunately for us using the TM US app is just not an option, I can only get the NZ TM app for NZ shows.
  7. We were both logged into the waiting room same time but when the verification code came he was heaps slower to enter it, figured that had something to do with it... Ie I was 2600 he was 15000!!! He's also not a user of his TM account much as I am, but didn't think your buying history would have anything to do with it. Also I had been on the countdown page for about 12 hours so maybe also that makes a diff?
  8. Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I have done GA before, (and will be doing again the night before), and playing back videos it all looked so different as you say, so wanted a different perspective but to still be close to the band. I am thinking this despite the slight restricted view this spot may actually work quite well for me given the still reasonable proximity to the band but still slightly elevated for some different perspective. Thanks again and maybe see you there!
  9. Thats too bad. It was nerve wracking, I hate ticket buying now. I was 2600ish in line and by the time I was there it was limited seats to choose from but got a limited view one for what I guess is face value at $500. My husband was logged in too as a back up and was a bit slower entering his code and he was about 15,000 in queue, bugger all was left by the time he got in, just a few very overpriced std tics, and re sale tics at triple or more face value. Its the re sale thing that gets me - it's like TM endorse this practice.
  10. That would be amazing yes! I am just hoping for a maybe a couple older classic numbers, ie Bad, NY day! Live in hope!
  11. Thanks - it was in the general on sale, and all that was left (bar pying $1800 which was not an option given I'm coming from NZ!) I have been GA twice in Oct and have a GA for 23rd Feb so just wanted to do the 24th from a seat for a different perspective so a slight obstruction is not the end of the world for me, but was hoping not too bad!
  12. Hi there - I was lucky enough in the general to get a reserved seat, albeit obstructed. Just wondered based on where you were, if you think there will still be a reasonable view of the sphere? Many thanks in advance! Sec 104, Row 25, Seat 8.
  13. There seems to be no 'claim ticket' this time around, least not for GA anyway. My confirmation e mail was just the confirm of being successful and had a link to the ticket. (which was already showing in my TM account before I clicked the link).
  14. I wondered that too as I was very undecided and submitted 45 minutes before close off! I really don't think there is any way of knowing for sure, unless maybe you know someone at TM!
  15. Yes! E mail yesterday telling me i was unfullfillled, then this morning an e mail to tell me to disregard the unfulfilled notice and that i had been successful with a GA and my c card is now charged!
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