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  1. Paris shows will be reset on December 6 and 7. Everything will be official on Monday. The source is U2achtung.
  2. I have one extra ticket for tomorrow's show. It is a section 227 row 1 ticket (seat 8) I will be in seat 7 enjoying the show next to you! Sell at facial price that is $ 118.
  3. Hi Nuzzer, Still haven't found? Seems like you're gonna end up with my tickets (ie : section 216 row )
  4. Hi Nuzzer, What do you think of section 216 (row 4)?
  5. Hello Mindy ! I don't have what you're looking for, but I will be more than glad to buy your GA if you don't manage to make the trade. Just in case right ... Enjoy the tour anyway
  6. Hi Nuzzer1 ! My tickets are not in the lower section but might still interest you : The 22 nd tickets are section 216 (row 4) The 23 rd tickets are section 227 (row 1) PM'me if interested.
  7. Hey Zooropans! I'm doing the trip from France and will be in New York from July 18 to 26. I'll do 2 shows there and would love to alternate between the floor and the seats. I'm therefore looking for GA tickets for one of these shows : July 18, 19, 22, or 23. I'm ready to buy them at facial price, or trade them against my seated tickets : - either 2 tickets in section 216 for July 22 nd (row 4) - or 2 tickets in section 227 for July 23 rd (row 1) If you've got anything, simply PM me or reply on this post. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi Dolstein! I don't know if your tickets are still available but if there are, I do have seats for the 22 and 23 that I'm willing to exchange. Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I am looking for 2 GA tickets for any of the 4 nights in Madison Square Garden. Here's what I can trade : - July 22 : Section 216 Row 4 Seat 15,16 - July 23 : Section 227 Row 1 Seat 7,8 If anyone's interested, here's my mail : meriadec89@hotmail.com Have a great tour
  10. Alright, alright, I'll just close the topic if it's inappropriate. Thanks anyhow.
  11. Wow, really ? Can't see anything about it in the forum rules.
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