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  1. That sounds great! Please keep me informed!
  2. Hi everyone - I know we aren't yet into the horse trading phase of things yet but I'd like to put it out there that I am in need of a single GA ticket for this show. I was very lucky to get my initial 4 but a frined of mine wasn't so lucky so I'd like to surprise him with this. Please let me know. P.S. Is it even possible to buy tickets from each other if the entry method is credit card?
  3. I'm having deja vu from last week. All of the GA for the experience group will be taken by the experience group. The GA held for the innocence group will be available to the innocence group. Whether experience got more (I think they should honestly) or the same is unknown, but it is not one pool of tickets, since many innocence members got GA last week after experience members were unable to... That's good news
  4. There are lots of ways - I guess my point here is that the U2.com guys should have worked a bit harder for us old time fans who used to buy tickets the old fashioned way - line up outside the venue - On Joshua Tree tour I was lucky to see them a few times in and around Ct. Those were the days you could buy a ticket right before the show. Selling out venues pre-internet was much harder to do.
  5. I guess the only positive thing is that perhaps most of the Experience group used their codes already. Last week I wasn't able to get anything at MSG below nosebleed level and the cost was OUTRAGEOUS for such crappy seats.
  6. I agree with updating if you think they are touring - BUT - U2.com knows your original sign up date - once you renew you should still end up in the appropriate group - that's what they did on Vertigo.
  7. As a member of U2.com for many, many years (at least 10) - I let my PAID membership lapse this year and am now in the Innocence group - WTF guys? Does loyalty count for nothing?
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