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  1. if you park close to the stadium dont plan on leaving the parking lots for about 2 hours after the show. It is without a doubt the worst post-concert exit i have ever been a part of!!!
  2. Were there any "Day of" GA tickets that were released leading to the show? like during the I+E tour?
  3. If anyone has an extra, i need a GA for the boston show. thanks.
  4. it was very loud in boston. not only were my ears ringing the entire next day.... but there were moments during the show where the volume was uncomfortable, like the bomb and news report sequence. i was wishing i had brought some. i noticed many people had them.
  5. 1: at the start of iris i was close to the Edge and noticed hes the one creating those whispy synth chorus sounds. ANd then i looked closer and he was actually singing a line over and over... couldnt make it out. did anyone else catch this? way cool. would love to find a video of edge close up when he sings this... :35 2: after until the end of the world they go into the screen and the berlin wall graphics come on for intermission. Then they begin "invisible" from there. Do they actually change their outfits inside the screen? they never leave the screen right? 3: estage drumming. i noticed on boston 3 that larry came late to the kit but the drumming from "ebttrt" started without him. hmmmmm. go to 3:15 4: raised by wolves... did anyone else catch the edge toggling between guitar and keyboards on this song. magical. hes so talented. it was seemless.
  6. you can get a wristband any time you want. they give them out prior to doors opening. beginning at 5 they ask you to line up by wristband to keep the line order in control. Then they start letting people in to swipe their card and get an official wristband for north or south side of the floor. once all wrist banded people in line through the door, you can literally walk up and go in no GA line wristband is even needed. Its only prior to doors opening that you need it. not random. when the doors open they start at the beginning of the line. be there at 4 to "prepare the GA line, get in order", doors dont really open until 6. then you go in and sit around until 8:15... so if you wont want to waste all afternoon. dont go and get a wristband, because it means standing in line for hours. you can walk in at 7pm and be 2nd row on the floor. no worries. i've gone to boston 1 and 2 and spent over 12 hours waiting in GA, and got front row on the rail (great), but tonight im going with my wife and we are going to walk in at 7pm and still be close enough to see the whites of thier eyes. she doenst want to stand around all day either.
  7. hi, i'll be heading down without one. so need to secure something. Anyone have an extra ticket? thanks so much.
  8. not surprised about bags and backpacks.... considering the recent past.
  9. yes there was a big college related promotion. for students only. And lots of people won in cities at the beginning of the tour. but as for the radio station giveawyas (iheart radio) and local stations, those contests are mostly to acquire new email prospects. I never hear about winners after the contest ends. little fanfare. I have not heard a peep since, so i doubt there will be any small club surprises.
  10. i've seen them many many times before. this is the first time that im conflicted on where to be on the GA floor. by the main stage or by the "e" stage... being on the rail is nice, but theres so much of it, it doesnt really matter. i have a few days to decide still.
  11. contact bigwave here on the forum. he has resolved issues for people in the past.
  12. i still need a GA for friday!!! anyone?
  13. this is bullshit. why does boston have to be the one city to screw this whole thing up? random line. seriously? This isnt going to fly with the hundreds of fans planning on lining up. i dont believe this anyways. Theyve done normal GA in the past. no reason they'd change policy suddenly.
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