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  1. so right now there are people camped out in chicago GA line for a show on the 28th?? seriously? Now in my mind, you can only claim to start a line if you plan on being there the whole time. I really dont think its fair to proclaim your place in line 3 days early if you think checking back every 6 hours at your descretion constitutes "waiting in line".
  2. i read this. great info. but alas, its just enabling the "first in line people". if you want to be there two days early. i feel like you should stay in line until the venue hands out wristbands and says you can go until 5pm that night for official line up. im sorry but check ins every 6 hours isnt very hardcore. if thats the case, why not start lining up a week before and do a check in once a day.... pointless. the earlier you get there is based on your fortitude to withstand the wait.. otherwise everyone would do it. Great article by the way. very informative!!! I feel bad f
  3. yeah, i've been curious about the availability of tickets among fans in the lines. Are people exchanging GA tickets and hows that process going?
  4. @jaharro thanks for the great response. Im not terribly worried about this whole situation, since there is plent of GA territory on the floor and im going to 4 shows in boston so im going to have a range of experiences. And generally im pretty laid back about the waiting in line thing. I just get upset when people take advantage of the rest of us and the system. The idea of running right out of the venue after the show and starting the next moring's line is an example of just how delicate the matter can become. I dont live close to the city so its a project coming in and parking, etc...
  5. hi all, i guess my main question is about the fan governed numbering system, prior to the official venue wristbands. I have been told that "they", whoever is most ambitious i guess, is starting an informal line as early as they want. Including the previous evening. Other fans who are fortunate enough to find this informal line location can get a number on thier hand and join the informal line. Then im told that these people are leaving and coming back in the morning? and get to resume thier place in the informal line? Im not sure which part of this troubles me the most. The orginator:
  6. im always conflicted about the acceptance of leaving the GA to go attempt to meet the band, and then coming back in your same spot. If you're in line youre in line. Unless to go use bathroom, get food, parking meter, etc... but to go hunt band down, seems like double dipping.
  7. nice. why is the U so much larger than the 2?
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