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  1. Maybe it's the Northern Ireland thing. idk, ask a mod - sorry I can't be of help
  2. Is your code crossed out (like mine)? That should be a clear sign that you can't use it Lol it's not but I assume you are joking?? Mine is crossed out. But I already used it so that was to be expected. From your description, you've used a code to buy tickets for 2015 shows. that sounds like you have no tickets left in that code
  3. Is your code crossed out (like mine)? That should be a clear sign that you can't use it
  4. Ok sounds like that decision made sense - first and foremost is a show for the Irish who haven't been around the world following them. From what I'm understanding then, you'd not only need to live in Ireland but also have a valid code. I wonder how many tickets will go in presale then
  5. that would be most fair...personally I used my presale code already and I totally want those who didn't when US/Europe was announced to get a first shot at the tickets That said, I hope the rest of us subscribers get like 2nd on the queue before general sale
  6. This long winded intro sounds like Stuck in a Moment... Indeed it is. One day, perhaps, they'll play Gone to remember Mr. Hutchence
  7. When they dig out Get On Your Boots. ;p Oh God. I think Elevation is bad enough already (sorry, an 80s/90s fan)
  8. Ugh. It was going so well...and now Elevation has resurrected. Still, what a show! Jaysus that beginning!
  9. I'm already an hour past my bedtime...when should I give up?
  10. Your listening to the wrong feed again. We're all listening to Iris! Lol. I simply don't know how you go from here. If these songs make it to the tour...
  11. Yep. Definitely the best U2 show in decades. We're officially back in 1980. Four Boy era songs in a row
  12. Are we sure this isn't the current U2.com gift from the Marquee playing?
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