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  1. From the Ticketmaster FAQ: Thanks Max! Do you need to be an Irish student or just have a student ID from any country?
  2. Quick question: what's the deal with student tickets? Where are the conditions? They might be an easier way to get tickets for me
  3. Maybe it's the Northern Ireland thing. idk, ask a mod - sorry I can't be of help
  4. Is your code crossed out (like mine)? That should be a clear sign that you can't use it Lol it's not but I assume you are joking?? Mine is crossed out. But I already used it so that was to be expected. From your description, you've used a code to buy tickets for 2015 shows. that sounds like you have no tickets left in that code
  5. Is your code crossed out (like mine)? That should be a clear sign that you can't use it
  6. Ok sounds like that decision made sense - first and foremost is a show for the Irish who haven't been around the world following them. From what I'm understanding then, you'd not only need to live in Ireland but also have a valid code. I wonder how many tickets will go in presale then
  7. that would be most fair...personally I used my presale code already and I totally want those who didn't when US/Europe was announced to get a first shot at the tickets That said, I hope the rest of us subscribers get like 2nd on the queue before general sale
  8. http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/32517-bringing-it-home-irish-dates-now-announced/#entry1008139 Thanks Monica!
  9. Anything new on this, now that the sale will start happening soon?
  10. Nothing's ever straightforward with LN Hopefully we get answers on the codes soon since it seems dates will be announced Wednesday
  11. OK now that's finally "official"...can we know what happened to those codes? Or whether the rest will get a new one?
  12. Right, I was talking hypotheticals. No need for everyone to panic. But I would be interested in knowing - like imagine you're Australian and you didn't use the code!
  13. Hi everyone, In the event that U2 carry on touring after these European dates (I mean, they have to do Dublin and come back to the States at some point) - how will the presale codes work? 1. I know some people didn't use their code for the last presales and the code simply disappeared. Do they still have that code and will they get to use it when new dates appear? 2. For those of us who already used the code, will we get a new one for the future shows? Or did we already use the code and that's it for this tour? Thank you
  14. Hey guys, I mean what can I say. I spend so many nights bitching here that they've got no energy, setlist, whatever... THEY KICKED ASS. Amazing show, Bad, 40, Electric Co... Only thing, we didn't get to see the band before the show. Does anyone know if, and if so where, the band will be greeting fans?
  15. Andrew any word on whether we'll get the physical GA tickets before going in? Thanks so much for heading there and sorting stuff out
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