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  1. Sorry BW, it's going so fast... I haven't seen you posted the photos too. Just deleted my post.
  2. I must be an idiot... but I cried when he said that because that's the way I feel about this band too.
  3. "This is home," Larry

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    2. Anjana


      When I wrote in here about going to Wembley in 09, I said in the stadium it was like coming home amid 90000 strangers:)

    3. pain_18_


      WOW !!! Indeed, Anj !

    4. mich40


      It is home. *heavy sigh*

  4. I don't know why but I can't watch in yours link... it's still the countdown for me (4 hours, yet). I'm watching right now at this one: http://foot.bsdillc.com/canalplus.php
  5. BW, it was just below. EBW was simply the best!!! So emotional
  6. Video of Bono and The Edge on Italian TV: http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-c1ee5ce5-94b5-4024-acfc-ab7b398cfc31.html#p=
  7. I remember fondly the irc chat room stuff too... and I can't think of any time since the band has done anything resembling a direct chat thing like that.. (feel free to point me to anything if I am wrong). So this represents something well out of the ordinary, and my guess is, to open it up to the widest possible number of people / fans, in this instance, Facebook has been chosen as the medium. Something like this would work well on twitter too, and it would be great at some point in the not too distant future we could get a live chat / Q&A like this here for subscribers only. Thats something we are always asking for, and pointing to requests for, by subscribers. I see this FB Q&A as a big positive connection thing.. although I am not a big Facebook user myself, and its not everyones social media of choice, we can't deny its by far the biggest of them. And U2 like to do 'big'... Apple release being a great recent example of that. (love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it). I love the idea of Q&A. Fans want to feel close to the band... so I guess it's very nice. Of course there are two sides of using social media: one is that it reaches many people - almost 7000 comments of Facebook right now, but on the other hand it must be hard to choose questions, there are so many and also non-questions - some people just praised the band or asked when they will play in their country. At last, which is their aim? To reach as many people they can? So I think it's right to use social media. However, I understand that paid subscribers think they deserve more benefits than non-paid subs. But I'm just looking at the opportunity that was offered to go to Grahan Norton Show... so few people! Did you publish it in the social media? I guess no... so I'm thinking that maybe it might be because fans are not aware of it. That's the good and the bad side of social media. You need to see when worths to use it depending of your goal.
  8. All the info: http://www.u2.com/news/title/vinyl-special/
  9. Jesus, it's really hard... there are so many things I could ask. Anyway, this idea is great! Could we do the questions in person? "One of the things I most admire in the U2 is that even after a long and successful career you're still friends and working together. I believe sometimes it must be hard to balance different opinions. So, how do you keep U2's flame alive? Which things are in your wish list?"
  10. Adam talked to 98 FM (Dublin) today about the Walk in My Shoes campaign and of course he talked a little bit about the album. It's interesting that he said the band is going to be together for rehearsals in France. Audio: http://www.98fm.com/Adam-Clayton-on-The-Ray-Foley-Show
  11. Thank you Monica and Peter. New update: October 12 - Che Tempo Che Fa (Italy) October 14 - Le Grand Journal (France) October 15 - live session with Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 playing 3 new tracks and 1 classic (UK) https://twitter.com/...940083676610560 October 17 - The Graham Norton Show playing The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (UK) http://www.bbc.co.uk...rammes/b04ly5kg October 21 - Later Live with Jools Holland (UK) October 24 - North Rhine-Westphalia radio - "U2 Unplugged & Talk" (Germany) http://www.universal-music.de/u2/news/detail/article:230383/u2-unplugged-talk-das-exklusive-live-erlebnis-fuer-200-gewinner-am-24-oktober
  12. Tomorrow after 11, Bono talks to Dave Fanning about the 2 new songs. http://www.rte.ie/2fm/dave-fanning/
  13. iTunes numbers show 81 million 'experienced' U2 album: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6274359/itunes-numbers-u2-songs-innocence-album
  14. At the beginning of 1998 I was 15 and wasn’t allowed to go to big rock shows in stadiums yet. That’s how I missed the first time U2 played in Brazil… I begged and cried rivers but it didn’t work. Two months later my older brother decided to go to Rolling Stones concert with his friends but he didn’t tell anything, he knew I would be angry because I was much more a rock and roll fan than him and I’d love to go. My parents held this info for a week, they didn’t know how to tell me. So one day when I arrived from school my mum told me. Of course I got mad! “Why I couldn’t go to shows while my brother could?” My house shook that day with my reaction, I was furious and couldn’t stop crying because I missed my favourite band’s show just short time ago and now my brother could go anywhere… that was not fair. My parents were feeling sorry for me and made my brother take me with him but he and his friends had to promise they would take care of me. The opening act was Bob Dylan. Wow! A rock and roll legend. My favourite moment of the show was when Stones called Dylan to join them in the stage and they played together ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. It was such a historical moment and I’m happy I was able to be there. I found a video of this from the show in Rio.
  15. Alright guys, I will. However I think I don't have many chances to win... U2 stories are the best. Mich and electricco, I love yours. I wish I could have moments like these.
  16. Just to update the promo tour: Oct. 12 - Che Tempo Che Fa (Italy) Oct. 14 - Le Grand Journal (France) Oct. 21 - Later... with Jools Holland (U.K.)
  17. Don't you have a Rocking Sao Paulo U2 experience? Come on Feb !!! Nothing special like the things I'm reading here... I've never travelled to go to a show, I've never met the band or was taken by Bono in the stage. Actually my first big rock concert was not U2, it was Rolling Stones + Bob Dylan.
  18. U2.com, congrats for this contest! It's a very nice idea. It's been great to read all stories, although I don't have anything so special to share.
  19. U2 photoshoot in France. Photo by Mattia Zoppellaro, via Stephane Delavega.
  20. Alice @97.3 - http://radioalice.cbslocal.com/2014/09/29/bono-on-the-air-monday-at-530pm/
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