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  1. Except everyone with a bit of a clue about how IP.Board works can just look it up.... :-P
  2. I think the biggest issue is that from an automated system point of view, it's very hard to tell who is a legit buyer and who isn't. These days there is just plain luck involved as well. It's why I rarely go to see the "bigger" bands anymore. As for battling it, I just got my tickets for Kraftwerk @ Paradiso. Limited to 2 per transaction, these are all assigned to name (you have to give the names of the people you are going with when buying). They don't get sent out until a week before the concert and are non transferable. On the day itself, you have to show valid ID (no copies) to excha
  3. Presale for Amsterdam started at 10. The 33 euro tickets weren't stands, but seats in unpopular corners. GA were in the upper 70s (can't remember exactly) and RedZone were multiple times that. So other than the small alotment of 33 euro tickets, and the GAs, there simply weren't any other tickets below 100. For reference, the floor space in Ziggo holds about 6500 people in a regular setting. With the stage set up the way it is, this will be less. So that's maybe a max of 6000 GA tickets per show and a lot of those were already sold in presale. ArenA holds about 15k GA. Just for re
  4. We don't have any CCE restrictions here, but I did talk to Ticketmaster about something (changing e-tickets for hardcopies) and they pretty much said they are forbidden from making changes to the system as per U2.
  5. Who has $300 to spend on concert tickets these days?
  6. ^This. Plus I seem to remember Propaganda records were lost anyway, so there's no way of knowing who was who back then. I was also a Propaganda member, but I think it's pretty cool there's young kids wanting to go as well. If this kind of attitude was prevalent among older bands I'd never have had the chance to see the Stones, The Who, etc. They're small venues, there's a big demand and the ticket delivery systems are questionable, at least.
  7. Sept 12 seems like golddust... I have pretty much any night to trade for Sept 12 if anyone is willing...
  8. How can you be sure? Because most of the euro gigs don't have the creditcard requirement. Didn't even pay with CC. We should be allowed to find people to swap with on here, you know, amongst fans @ fair prices.
  9. Why? People have always done this and it was also at own risk anyway? By facilitating it you just ensure people are less likely to get ripped off. I'd rather swap ticket for ticket with no money exchanged, or at sell face value to another fan than having to resort to ebay/craigslist type third parties. Again trying too hard to crack down on "normal" fans trying to have a good time, rather than actually addressing the real problem... the screwing of fans by selling tickets 3x the regular price by "legitimate" resellers. The only thing this achieves is that people resort to sites
  10. *jealous!* was that for the dvd for 'reaLliTY' ? Think it ended up as an accompanying cd for that DVD and it was the show that got broadcast to cinemas all across the world (which were fan events in themselves). It was pretty awesome stuff. Pretty revolutionary at the time too (2003). Lots of bands seem to be doing similar things. Small venue, lottery based.
  11. The only thing left at the Dandelion market is a shopping mall mate... But yeah, warmup shows. Don't typically don't travel, cause when you have to haul ass halfway across the world, it costs money, which makes it hard to make it a freebie. TBH, I wouldn't even be worried about it being free. Lottery to be able to buy tickets would work as well, and it'd cover some of the cost of actually setting this up (though free is nicer, of course) I seem to remember B used to invite loitering fans in to have a listen to sound checks and warmups.
  12. Warmup gigs free for lottery winning members sounds good... Bowie used to do those too
  13. Oh sorry, didn't realise something that's readily available was a secret :-P
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