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  1. Does anyone know when line up starts for the Sunday show, given that we can't line up tomorrow due to the evening's show?
  2. I am interested, not sure if you received my first reply.
  3. I am interested. What night? We plan on lining up very early as we want to be at the front, so will you be able to meet us prior to security opening the gates (at Santa Clara this happened around 3pm), so you can swipe us in?
  4. Are these available. We plan on being there the same time to wait.
  5. Has line up started at the Rose Bowl for tomorrow's show?
  6. I suggest you call them. All I know is that a fan called yesterday because people were confused, and they stated all GA will go thru Gate B. The folks organizing the numbers at Gate B just now also said the same thing. Perhaps the Fan Club entrances mentioned are for those with seats, not GA? Check on it and perhaps get back to us.
  7. There is no separate fan club entrance. Someone called yesterday about that and the stadium said ALL GA, regardless of how purchased, will go through Gate B. Red Zone tix may be different, you'd have to check.
  8. GA line up started at Gate B. They will give you a number now, you have to check back in at 8pm for more instructions about line up time tomorrow morning. It will probably be around 6-8am tomorrow, and you'll have to stay all day.
  9. I have one GA ticket for Santa Clara. I will be lining up early (if we can) on Wednesday morning. It's CC entry so we would have to walk in together. $93 (cash only).
  10. I have a GA ticket available if you still need it. I will be lining up early too if we can. $93 (cash only).
  11. I have one GA ticket available for Santa Clara. You would need to walk in with me. I plan on getting there early if we are permitted to line up. $93.

  12. I have one GA ticket for Santa Clara available, You would need to meet me at the venue and walk in with me. I plan on lining up early (if we can).
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