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  1. Ha, nice! I sometimes let my phone ring out so I can listen to more of the Vertigo ring tone.
  2. Haha! Very lucky! 42 is becoming our new normal. And to think it was only 3 degrees here on Saturday night 🥶
  3. Hey all, just checked out the email I got from Ticketek months ago. It says I have to have the credit card I bought the Red Zone ticket with. That card has since expired and I don’t have it anymore. I have a replacement card with the same number but a different expiry date and a different CVV number. Will that be ok?
  4. Excellent, thanks Mich! Is there something about having the credit card with you that you bought the ticket with?
  5. Hi, this is probably a really dumb question, but how do I get in to the Venue when there are no tickets? I bought my RZ “ticket” months ago and I don’t remember if I read something about how this all works.
  6. Thanks for explaining all that Max! Will ignore FB notifications about shows. Luckily I was able to get a ticket to Adelaide show really easily and it seems like the pre-sale went well for most people here, with some help from you guys! Cheers!
  7. This was in my Facebook notifications: And when I clicked on it, it went to the page that I posted earlier.
  8. Does anyone know anything about a change of date for Adelaide? This was on Facebook:
  9. Ok, feeling pretty stupid here. Can anyone tell me how to see the different seat categories on the Adelaide venue map so that I can actually see where the seats are? The Ticketek site wants me to choose a seat category but doesn’t tell me where the seats are. I can’t even make the map bigger without it going blurry. Any ideas please? Nevermind! Just gave up trying to buy seats and got RZ instead. More expensive but at least I can see where it is!
  10. Yay, I got the email! I hope the pre-sale goes well for everyone tomorrow. Havent quite figured out how I’m going to be able to get online at work yet... How long does the ticket-buying process take? Is there likely to be congestion on-line? Any tips for a first-time at using Ticketek?
  11. Hi BigBunny, at least Perth has some colour to it! I guess there’ll be info about seats tomorrow. Do you know if anyone has received an email yet?
  12. I found ticket prices and a tiny little venue map on Ticketek website, but it doesn’t seem to show where the different category seats are. Am I missing something: is there more information somewhere that I haven’t found? Will there be more info about seating available before Tuesday or do we just have to buy a ticket and hope it’s a good seat? Appreciate advice from anyone who knows how this all works.
  13. Could anyone provide a periscope link please?
  14. Received my gift this week. Perhaps hope is all we have left...
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