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  1. Yes! We are flying in Sunday morning (after Dublin 4). Wouldn't miss it! Flying back over from the US for a third time in 3 months :)
  2. Are the European Dates (Berlin and Milan specifically) credit card entry for GA?
  3. On the first day I was caller number 3. That is as close as I have gotten.
  4. See you all there. After 20+ GA experiences splurged and will be First time in RZ.
  5. I will be there from Vermont. Wish they'd announce another date. Between flights and hotel it would make it a bit more worth it.
  6. Bought tickets and have no code to download the album. No email from ticketmaster and it is not in Spam. Who do we contact?
  7. Did anyone check out the stage set up on Ticketmaster? It is different than all of the other venues. No catwalk. Very small arena. thinking it might be cool to see them here.
  8. We ran into the same problem for hotels and booked an apartment instead. I like using HomeAway http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-8077476-10859031
  9. I agree with you 100%. The last thing i want to see is the same people on stage over and over and over again. cool, they had their moment but how about someone who hasnt had that moment they've dreamed of. And there is no surprise in the winners so far. U2 should have just handpicked them, invited them and let it be a surprise when they showed up on stage Saturday night. Instead there many disappointed life long fans. It is like a clique in High School.
  10. Honestly, do you really think fans want to see other fans up on stage for a 2nd (or 3rd) time? I think not. They either want the opportunity to get on stage themselves or they enjoy the spontaneity of the moment. As Bono says, "Be in the Moment". I am uncomfortable and disappointed in this contest. Why not give another huge fan a chance. There are many of us who have seen them in multiple times, in multiple cities in multiple countries. And not just on the U2ieTour.
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