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  1. Well I hope u2.com will be able to defend and protect its customers and fans...and I hope it really wants to do that! We are fans and need respect. Hope u2.com will listen to the mods! And I don't understand why there are so many tickets sold at 500$ on tm website.... I'm angry and sad right now :(



    Not to mention the $50 annual subscription fee for U2.com most of used paid, just to guarantee pre-sale opportunity.

  2. Slightly off topic, but i have a problem with Ticket Master UK.


    My wife bought me 2 x GA Glasgow tickets.  I'm going to take my best mate.   Unfortunately me and my mate will not be able to attend the show.  TM inform us (in their robotic corporate manner) that only the card holder can enter the venue.  My wife must enter and take one other person.   TM further explained we are at fault for not abiding by the strict purchasing rules for U2.  The card holder 'must' enter the venue.


    My wife won't go.  We live 200 miles away, and she is not keen on U2.  It's a present for me, and i'm taking my best mate.


    So far, I'm struggling.   Load of crap!!!



    There is already a thread explaining this.  So sorry for repeating it here.   But i'm that annoyed with reading the stories from North American U2 fans, then i felt i had to have a blast.  Sorry


    All the best everyone x 

  3. Here's my letter to U2.com:


    Dear U2.com,


    I feel compelled to write to you to let know of my situation concerning the pre-sales ticket sales.


    Both my wife and I have been U2.com members, I can’t remember for how long!  We’ve enjoyed pre-sales in the past and thank you very much for that!  However, what has happened now has really gotten me upset!!!


    My wife and I decided to hit the Toronto July 6th show with our daughter (our newest U2 fan).  We took part in the pre-sales and purchased 3 tickets (1 ticket with my pre-sales code and 2 tickets with my wife’s pre-sales code).  What happened a few days later shocked me completely.  We received an email from the ticketing company (Ticket Master) stating that we exceeded our limit and that our order, either in part or full would be cancelled.


    I immediately called up Ticket Master to find out what was going on.  They informed me that because we both live at the same address (our billing address for both of our credit cards and because we’re married) that 1 of the tickets for the July 6th show was revoked!  I couldn’t believe this.  How could they?  I clearly only purchased 3 tickets not 5; which would have exceeded our limit of 4 because of our 2 pre-sales codes.


    I pleaded with them and even asked to speak to a Manager, but they stood firm and would not give me my GA ticket back.


    I have to say that I think this process is flawed.  I can understand what it is trying to achieve with some people getting their hands on many tickets and reselling them for ridiculous amount of money to fans, but this process is clearly flawed and we are proof of that.


    Now we are 1 ticket short going as a family because we were “painted” with the same brush as a scalper!  I can’t believe it.  Some 32 years being a U2 fan and something like this happens to me!  This is not right and I thought you should know.



    Thanks for reading!




    Bloody hell that's awful.  What short sighted narrow minded process there appears in place.   Hang in there.  You have your membership numbers, subscription proof.  No written 'law' stating how many tickets per household.  None that I've seen. 


    What if a household of 10 x students all subscribed to U2.com.  All 10  x received pre-sales codes.  You telling me only 2 x tickets would be allowed to the home address?


    Might as well have 1 x subscription per household.  


    This is seriously flawed.

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