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  1. I wish i could help. You argument is similar to many U2 fans. I hope some take's TM to task over this shite service!!
  2. Not to mention the $50 annual subscription fee for U2.com most of used paid, just to guarantee pre-sale opportunity.
  3. Slightly off topic, but i have a problem with Ticket Master UK. My wife bought me 2 x GA Glasgow tickets. I'm going to take my best mate. Unfortunately me and my mate will not be able to attend the show. TM inform us (in their robotic corporate manner) that only the card holder can enter the venue. My wife must enter and take one other person. TM further explained we are at fault for not abiding by the strict purchasing rules for U2. The card holder 'must' enter the venue. My wife won't go. We live 200 miles away, and she is not keen on U2. It's a present for me, and i'm taki
  4. Bloody hell that's awful. What short sighted narrow minded process there appears in place. Hang in there. You have your membership numbers, subscription proof. No written 'law' stating how many tickets per household. None that I've seen. What if a household of 10 x students all subscribed to U2.com. All 10 x received pre-sales codes. You telling me only 2 x tickets would be allowed to the home address? Might as well have 1 x subscription per household. This is seriously flawed.
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