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  1. Poor selection for the EP, no Mofo or Discotheque. I don’t get why only 4 songs they should release the whole thing or at least 8 songs.
  2. Do you think they will keep the concerts in YouTube indefinitely?, or they will be available for limited time only?. I wonder if they will add this content to Apple Music, every remastered video posted on YouTube in the past months is on Apple Music also.
  3. What are the chances to get a saturday show in LA?
  4. Is there any word out there about the band filming this show for a video release?, I heard somebody saying that behind me.
  5. I saw an absurd post in the Facebook group, really, starting a line 4 days ahead? Why?
  6. It is absolutely ridiculous and unfair for all the people traveling to San Diego for the show, it is childish.
  7. Very sad news, two friends traveled from Dallas very early in the morning, they are very disappointed, they say that literally nothing is happening, they are there in St. Louis and they don´t see any protest.
  8. Do people really follow this kind on instructions?, I'm afraid that no matter what the official statement says there will be poeple in line before 8 am. What do you guys think?. First time in GA for me.
  9. Two days before?... I will drive to San Diego thursday night.
  10. There are GA tickets available right now, I checked thru Live Nation iPhone app and then at ticketmaster.com
  11. Que emoción leer sus mensajes, yo vivo en Mexicali por lo que los conciertos en Estados Unidos me son mucho más convenientes, ya fui a Los Angeles el 20 de mayo y voy el 22 de septiembre a San Diego en cancha. Siempre he querido viajar a México a verlos pero en esta ocasión tampoco podré hacerlo, ojalá la próxima gira lo pueda hacer. Saludos.
  12. Never been in GA, this will be my first time and I want to guarantee that I will be as close to the stage as possible, so I think I will spend the whole day there in line; but what happens if I need to go the restroom or buy some food, will the people around would hold my place? haha I'm very concerned about that.
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