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    Achtung Baby!, Joshua Tree
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    Where the Streets Have No Name, In God's Country, Stay....
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    October Tour 1982 - U2 opened for JGiels
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    U2ieTour in Phoenix May 2015
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    October tour Phoenix March 25, 1982, . NLOTH tour Denver May 20, 2011
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    Joe O'Herlihy
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    Plumb, Skillet, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Lacey Sturm.

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  1. U2 in Phoenix, Arizona on May 22, 2015. Meet and Greet and Concert at US Airways Center.
  2. I took that picture of Bon Bon!!!! <3
  3. Today is my U2 anniversary! It's been 33 years since seeing them in concert for the 1st time. 3//25/1982 when they opened for JGiels in Phoenix, AZ!

    1. joshthetree


      Thats great =0) happy memories

  4. #unforgettablegig – U2 - October Tour March 25, 1982. The show that changed my life forever would be my 1st U2 concert when they opened for J. Giels at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona on March 25, 1982. We were so excited and determined to see U2 that our adventure would start one day earlier with driving to the concert in Tucson, Arizona. We were four friends who drove down together, not knowing the show was cancelled in Tucson. We drove back to Phoenix with the car catching on fire while we were still in it on the freeway! We managed to pull over and get out sa
  5. Songs of Innocence is Brilliant!

  6. My U2 photographs from 1982 - 2011. Dion Simte
  7. Lynne, I love your siggie line! Bono told us his mother would tell him that! - "A surprise isn't a surprise if you know what it is." It was so special to hear him talk about his mother in Denver. <3

  8. Happy Birthday Bono!!

    1. vermontgasman


      Hey girl!@!!!!


  9. Bono1985 First Days in Ethiopia (Ajibar)

  10. Bono1985 Ajibar Orphan Healthcare Song

  11. Monica, Great photo of you and Ali!!!
  12. I see you've been busy posting the pix YAY! This is such a good one!
  13. There you are!!! Thanks for finding me! XOXO

    1. bonohero


      Of course! XOXO

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