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  1. Thanks! She made it in OK. She got GA during a ticket drop.
  2. I just sent you a message.
  3. I know someone looking for 1 ticket. I'll message you her number.
  4. Thanks a million for sharing this! Wow...this is going to be a real pain in the butt come day of the show for a lot of people I'm sure. Wonder what you're suppose to do if you lose your card or if it gets stolen right before the show when there's not going to be enough time to follow those steps? Wonder if you can get it fixed at a box office window on the day of the show? ....more questions than answers.... If you can prove who you are in person with a drivers license at the box office, I don't understand why you couldn't switch carriers from like AmEx to a Visa? That's ridiculous!
  5. SOoooooo!..... ......This guy was spot on. ......................I say whoever this "Matt" is should be trusted from now on.
  6. Video proof! I know U2.com and the band knows that things didn't go well, but this really shows how frustrating it really was. I hope U2 and Live Nation watch this, and I hope it NEVER happens ever again!
  7. From U2start.com Hi all, Matt here. I've been posting on this site for close to eight years - just a brief introduction for lurkers who might not know who I am etc., since BS rumors get posted on and off. I'd like to think I can be trusted. With that all being said, a good friend of mine has had a connection at Live Nation Canada for many years now whom he had dinner with last night. He looped me in on a bit of the conversation. U2's next tour will officially be opening in Vancouver in May of 2015, with two nights (currently) at Rogers Arena. From there, it will continue to hit major markets for multiple nights. The second leg of the tour will be including stadiums. That is 100% of the information that was shared and nothing else is known (album dates, cities, routing, etc.)…but please know that as a loyal member of this website that tries not to contribute to too much of the bullshit, you can take this pretty seriously. It's an honor to share such wonderful news with this community!!! If I find out anything else, of course I will share with you all. My one request is that you keep it classy with this information. Even though I have zero reserves or doubts that this is true, please don't take my word as gospel. I have not confirmed anything for anyone……but we're close If tour information rolls around and this ends up not being correct, I sincerely apologize. All I can tell you right now is that the people who sign the contracts to host these bands are under the impression that U2 is opening up a world tour in their arena in May 2015. Any surprise to you will also come as a surprise to them. Cheers http://www.u2start.com/topic/6756/4812/12/#564506
  8. Looks like Bono will be in Cannes this week..... *sigh* ......this album will never get finished..... http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/branding/6121513/cannes-lions-kanye-west-bono-and-jared-leto-to-give-presentations As far as I know Don Henley is a U2 fan...here in Dallas back during the Elevation tour, he was inside the heart
  9. https://www.facebook.com/u2place/posts/10153268661928475 U2place added 3 new photos. June 13 at 2:22pm · Edited · Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato una foto, trovata sul web, con Bono e Edge davanti ai Church Studios di Londra, ma solo ora ci siamo accorti che è una foto della nostra amica e placer Alessandra (che è stata ingiustamente tagliata fuori dall’immagine). Con grande orgoglio e amicizia possiamo ora mostrarvi le foto originali, compresa una con Edge fatta appena stamattina. A little while ago we posted a photo, found on the web, with Bono and Edge at the Church Studios in London, but just now we noticed that is a picture of our friend and placer Alexandra (who has been unfairly cut out of the image). With great pride and friendship we can now show you the original photos, including one with Edge made just this morning (hoping no one EC the rubi, as happened to our montage of Bono with the ball of the world).(Translated by Bing)
  10. Funny thing...fans are just now picking up on this bit of information...this is old news people. This is why I didn't cry out back in March when the rumor was that it wouldn't be ready till 2015...I wasn't surprised at all. This news came out back on February 6th...not only did I post it on my Facebook timeline, but I posted it here in the Zoo too. Strange that people are just now doing the math.....you can't make an album while doing a side project folks...and when Edge said they would be "busy this summer", it had nothing to do with the album, it had to do with taking on this project. Here's the first post about it...posted from than no other our favorite news site... http://www.atu2.com/news/bono-the-edge-involved-in-sing-street-film-report-says.html
  11. "Album? What new album??? We're out hangin' in LA dudes!" https://twitter.com/vanycf/status/462967771194617856/photo/1
  12. I have a Lumix and used it at the Anaheim show, but mine aren't as good as yours. They used too much damn fog that night and my camera just could not compute. I don't know. I missed a lot of great poses since my camera flipped out...so many close ups I missed. I was pissed. So it was either I who didn't have it at the right setting, or all that fog threw the camera off and it just refused to take the pics! All my photos of Anaheim are on Facebook Michelle. I'd have to upload them to photobucket to post them here...pain in the ass. Anyway, after a two hour show I only got a handful of good shots.
  13. Before he made it to Hollywood, he ran into some basketball players...cute pics! http://sports.omaha.com/2014/02/09/creighton-players-meet-u2-singer-bono/#.UvlT7_k7vry
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