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  1. Thanks a million for sharing this! Wow...this is going to be a real pain in the butt come day of the show for a lot of people I'm sure. Wonder what you're suppose to do if you lose your card or if it gets stolen right before the show when there's not going to be enough time to follow those steps? Wonder if you can get it fixed at a box office window on the day of the show? ....more questions than answers.... If you can prove who you are in person with a drivers license at the box office, I don't understand why you couldn't switch carriers from like AmEx to a Visa? That's r
  2. I have a Lumix and used it at the Anaheim show, but mine aren't as good as yours. They used too much damn fog that night and my camera just could not compute. I don't know. I missed a lot of great poses since my camera flipped out...so many close ups I missed. I was pissed. So it was either I who didn't have it at the right setting, or all that fog threw the camera off and it just refused to take the pics! All my photos of Anaheim are on Facebook Michelle. I'd have to upload them to photobucket to post them here...pain in the ass. Anyway, after a two hour show I only got a handfu
  3. Well HOWDY neighbor!!! You should join us on our next U2 fan gathering in Dallas. That'll be whenever WOWU2 will play again. Will message you with details
  4. Glad you enjoyed it Now SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I told you...I'm not here!
  5. Yeah don't pay attention to the bad man ;-) (I'm right though lol) LMAO!!! Love it... Anyway... Howdy! My name is Allegra...really. I live in the big-ass state of Texas. I never voted for George W. Bush. I've been a U2 fan since the mid 80's...a casual fan until I finally saw them live for the first time ever during the Elevation Tour after 9/11. Since then I became obsessed. I've seen them live 10 times and met Bono once. I've been a Zootopian member for almost 12 years...a paying member for 10 years...just gave them...no sorry...I just gave Live Nation my annual
  6. It's just an ordinary song anyway, nothing special... Blasphemy! [ ]
  7. It's only suppose to be available in the US.
  8. Wish I could be there! And UF is playing?!?!?! Shoot! If only this could have been during the summer time, I would have been able to make it.
  9. And thanks to all for the support that I and many others are getting! I too hope this thing gets fixed!
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