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  1. I don't know Mon. Look I mean no disrespect, we're just talking here, but.... The whole point of the Verified Fan system is to check whether or not these are genuine people, and have eXPERIENCE of seeing the band before. Someone who's been a fan since 1980 is going to wonder why (if) they aren't in the experience group or didn't get a presale code, or the presale code didn't work, when that is literally the point of being a Verified Fan - ie. someone who really wants to come and see the band and be part of an audience that loves to watch them and has done so for a long time. I appreciate
  2. OK. I am iNNOCENCE group. Just got the "you are verified" email. Holding my breath for either the codes or another email saying: "Oops! Sorry! No you're not!"
  3. Aha! Got it! One email per day! Aaaaaand breathe out.
  4. Oh really? I can't see how to do that...
  5. Nope. Just an absolute ton of emails letting me know people are replying to this thread.
  6. I get that it's a lottery - In previous years you never knew if you would be quick enough to get tickets. It was the luck of the draw. What I don't get is how a lottery makes scalpers less likely to get tickets than fans, when that is *literally* supposed to be the point of the Verified Fan system.
  7. With the greatest of respect, this is not clear. It may have been said here, but there has now been more than one email clearly stating that you MUST connect to the TM US account regardless of which shows you want to go to. It does not make the distinction about European shows. Nor is there any FAQ that makes the distinction either.
  8. Except... They *can* know I'm in Europe and make the distinction that this is for US/Canada shows only. This would make things clear. I got another email today saying: "You have a qualifying Subscription to be eligible for the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale, but your Account Setup is currently incomplete. Please complete your Account Setup now." It's very well getting emails from support saying that the Europe is different, but if the main email sent out doesn't make this distinction it confusing and concerning. I just want to go to see a band in concert in
  9. Oh I see. So this is kind of friend-of-a-friend information. OK. Not sure what to think now. I mean I'm sure they're trustworthy and everything but, you know...
  10. Thanks for this Mary, that's helpful. Is there any way you could reply to let them know that this isn't clear enough in the information they have sent out already, and that the site or FAQs need to be updated to reflect this. That would save them a ton of grief and probably reduce their email workload!
  11. This is so confusing. You're saying to connect to the TM American account if you're European and only want to go to European shows "just to be sure", but can't give anything firmer than that. That doesn't really reassure me.
  12. Oh God, that would explain it. I've just noticed that the subscribers information e-mail went to an address I have that is going to be discontinued soon. I thought changing it in my profile would make it go to the right one. I have a headache.
  13. I am not as miserable as I look in my photo.

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