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    City of Manchester Stadium, Vertigo Tour 14 June 2005
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    Amsterdam Arena, Joshua Tree 2017 Tour 29th July 2017
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  1. Barcaqueen, whoever you are - thank you your Mixlr is ??perfect
  2. First time in here following a show since Berlin - Manchester would be my “local” gig, I was born in Bury but now live in Germany....
  3. I have to disagree with this - for me The Blackout is their best opening song since Breathe, on the 360 Tour in 2009..... The Blackout blew me away both nights in Cologne, amazing!
  4. Currently on my 1st train - about to change in Duisburg and then an hour from there to Cologne
  5. Whoop! Now there’s an official live thread for Cologne I can start to get really excited - getting into Cologne for 11am ish tomorrow?
  6. Soooooo relieved Bono is ok - getting the train to Cologne Tuesday morning for both gigs!?
  7. Agreed. I‘ve got tix for Köln 1 & 2, would be nice to know sooner than later....
  8. Just in case anyone is waiting for Ticketmaster Germany tickets for Cologne night 2, I just received mine today - I ordered them on 31st January so it takes around 3 weeks.... I am in Germany. Happy days, have all tickets now and hostel was booked for both nights the day of the tour announcement? Just need to book train travel now?? It's going to be a wonderful 2 days in September???
  9. This is me too, unfortunately lol! I also look at setlist.fm the day after gigs to see what's been played (not just for U2 either, any gig I'm going to haha) Seen as how I have standing tickets for both nights in Cologne I will definitely be looking at YouTube stuff as I plan on being "fixed" on the rail for night 1 and then "roaming" for night 2 - knowing when and where exactly the band are going to be will (hopefully) get me great views on night 2?
  10. Bagged 2 Stehplatz Links tickets for night 2 via the Retail Presale today, anyone else try that one?
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