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    Travelling... I love Austria, I'm crazy about Iceland, we spent our last 2 summerholidays in South Africa, 2018 we’ll head over to the northwest of the US, ... so much to see and so little time to do it ...
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    2009 Amsterdam 2 on 360-tour
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    September 4 2018 E+I in Cologne
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    Paris 1 2017 ... special one because it was the very first concert ever for our 2 sons.

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    One of the few who is not on FB ...

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  1. In Cologne I paid 35€ for the city shirt. The poster was 40€.
  2. I haven’t been able to listen into the Lisbon shows, bit it sounds like I really missed out on something ... ?.
  3. Ouch, I really really hope you can fix this...
  4. jojes


    That’s the t-shirt I’m wearing right now ?
  5. Enjoy the show, you’ll have a wonderful time!
  6. Can’t stand dancing and moving ... don’t do GA, get seats! Long story ... give a shout here or pm when you feel like telling ?... I love to hear about concert experiences ?
  7. Thanks again for following up on tonight’s show! See you tomorrow ??
  8. This tour it was just Cologne 1 for me ... so all I have left now is these live threads ?
  9. You can start crossing days on the calendar ?
  10. Didn’t find a live one, but app was playing funny again ... so I thought I was missing something ... no mixlr either
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