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  1. How do u go about using a pre sale code with o2. My friends on o2, is there a website u use?
  2. When I pre ordered the record on u2.com, the confirmation came up and said the confirmation was being sent to a very old email address that doesn't exist. I have no idea why it said this as I've never had any problems and my account was updated years ago. I never received a confirmation on my current email address im worried that the pre sale code is gonna be sent to that email address that doesn't exist anymore. Meaning I will never get it anybody know how I can solve this and get it sent to my current email address
  3. Just imagine spending £800 on a ticket and they won't let you in on the door because the name is different on the tickets :-)
  4. What he/she said :-) infact I'll go one further if anyone wants to ditch their wife's/husbands/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/mother/father for an overweight bald man from West Bromwich then pm me :-)
  5. Does this mean u2 are supporting David guetta ??:-) when's the last time u2 went on before someone else?
  6. I don't know the guy and he lives in Ireland :-)
  7. Ive had a ticket offered to me but it's got somebody else's name on. How strict is the id check going to be?
  8. Th original wording was that the superfan winners had front section tickets. Sure I read that. You had to collect your wristband at 2 and be at the venue for 3. Looking at that layout there doesn't look like there's a front section anymore. Maybe theve scrapped it and everyone's just in together
  9. 70% London 30% the rest of the uk :-(
  10. I'll be constantly checking my emails tomorrow afternoon then :-)
  11. When's the cut off point for people to claim their tickets? Said they could be re released if there not claimed
  12. Think of the positives, you haven't got to stand through David guetta for an hour :-)
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