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  1. for those still trying or trying later today. Do not use the link sent via text. Go to U2.com and use their link. Will save you some grief
  2. for those still trying or trying later today. Do not use the link sent via text. Go to U2.com and use their link. Will save you some grief
  3. Crazy!! Why doesn't it take you to the buy tickets link? Only shows 'On Sale Soon' still ... even when i try the link that was sent
  4. having the same 'On Sale Soon' issue ... can't get to buy tickets!!!
  5. Certainly not looking like there's going to be a second show at Croke Glad I got my tix to 22nd. Still going to hold out hope they do something on that Sunday. Seems strange they kept a gap from the 19 - 24 if they weren't planning 2 shows in Dublin.
  6. Nitz1 & Ragoo - Thanks for the tips! Will be our first time in Ireland and coming with my wife and ( 2 late teen ) daughters - so excited!! Still hoping for a second show though
  7. mike7man - yes we used them for the same shows. But the last tour was in arenas with a 2 ticket limit - we had 4 memberships as I have 2 kids in university. Idea was for all of us to be able to see the show together as we had 4 long term memberships and should have been able to buy 2 tickets per membership. Fortunately the mods (mostly Big Wave in my case) were able to sort it out with TM and get us our tickets back. We did nothing wrong. Had 4 memberships - bought 8 tickets. This time I bought Dublin and Toronto. Different credit cards. Different TM accounts as well. So hoping no issues. But if this is a problem, then I'll stop buying multiple memberships for the family.
  8. Coming from Canada. Was able to book The Clarence ...going for the full U2 experience
  9. Cherilu - you'll get tickets tomorrow. Last I heard RedHill allotment didn't sell out. Also make sure you enter from the U2.Com link for tickets. There were stories of others who went directly to TM and couldn't find tickets. Good luck! Long time member and fan. Been to every tour since Unforgettable Fire Can't wait for this one!
  10. This was really smooth for me compared to other tours. I bought four for Dublin at 4:00am and then another 4 GA in Toronto. So pumped! Seeing them in Dublin will be bucket list stuff for me
  11. got 4 for Dublin ...coming with whole family from Canada ...smooth as silk for us!! So stoked!!
  12. Yes the mods were great last tour. I had some tix cancelled and they were able to get them back for us. It was just completely unncessary stress for everyone - especially if you are trying to book travel for out of town shows and you don't know if you have tickets or not. Mike7man - We actually did use different credit cards, but because the billing address is the same, our orders were cancelled. So not sure that will work all the time.
  13. Hey there .... for the last tour TicketMaster cancelled tickets where both spouses or even kids had codes because they were the same address or credit card. I see on the ticketmaster site they are saying something similar about the 4 ticket limit and saying tickets will be cancelled if more than 4 are bought at the same address. Do you know if they have been told to hold off on the cancellations for the presales which can only be bought by access codes? Much appreciated. Thanks,
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