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  1. Yep. No blame to U2, but holy hell Fanfire/LiveNation really should do better than this.
  2. It's the first two rows in those sections that are listed as 'limited'. Seems odd, but hopefully somebody who has sat there can offer some insight.
  3. Has anybody sat in the limited view seats in 223, 224? How bad are they? Thx.
  4. Shipping was including for the Silver package I got so I won't be spending time hunting around at the venue.
  5. Well, it's not really the Mods' task to do any of the things you listed, is it?
  6. Of course not. But they have signed contracts with Live Nation that will make generations of their families very wealthy (not one thing wrong with that, BTW.) To suggest they have no role in this is, I think, letting them off a bit easy. And agreed 100% about the Mods - they have been awesome.
  7. For those who have bought GA - is it CC entry or paper tickets?
  8. Uninterrupted member since PopMart. No email; no code. Plenty of disappointment.
  9. Thanks, but this isn't really that helpful (ie "probably"). Mods? No reply from Customer Service either. Here's the thing, I - and maybe others - might want to be verified for the N. American shows just in case a show is added in our hometown, or a weekend show is added to one of the major cities that currently don't have a weekend show. If neither of those things don't happen, they I - and maybe others - might want to use our access for a European show in the summer. Why can't there be a clear, unequivocal answer to this question from a person at U2.com or Customer Service?
  10. If we complete setup as a VERIFIED FAN but do not use the code for the N. American shows, is it still valid for the European shows (once announced). I have email Customer Service about this and still haven't heard back. Something definitive would be great.
  11. Also very interested in the official word on this. And if I Verify my account for the N. America tour and DON'T end up using my code, can I still use it for a European show? (I haven't been able to read definitive word on this one either.)
  12. I was reading unclear advice from the Mods so I thought it best to contact support directly and receive and answer from them...for clarity, but also to have a response in writing from U2.com Support that I can use if there's a problem ahead. And please don't read this as some sort of implied critique of the work the Mods are doing. In the end, I just think if we are in doubt then it's best to go directly to U2.com support unless it is covered in the official FAQs.
  13. Because there was some discussion earlier in this thread about registering both .ca and .com accounts, I think this might be of interest to many here so I am pasting a response from U2.com support (along with the question I sent them). I've made a couple of formatting changes to the messages simply for emphasis: Hello Fan, Thank you for contacting U2 Fan Club Support. We want to apologize for the delay in a response, we received above average volume of emails. Rest assured, we are working through all requests in the order they were received. I am so sorry for the confusion of the registration process, and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Yes you will have access to all of the North American shows regardless if they are in the USA or Canada. If you need anything else, just reply to this email. Have a great day! Sincerely, Roberto U2.com Team On 11/1/2017 11:28 PM, PETERDIAZ wrote: Help Topic: Subscriber Issues Comment: Hello. Just to be clear, "Connect your (U.S. + Canada) Ticketmaster account" means that if I connect my .ca TM account I am fine for this Verified Account status for any North American show for which I choose to use my presale code, not just the Canadian show. Right? Thanks. Peter
  14. Good for Cork, but given that it's a stadium I am doubtful (...going on all of the venues announced for N. American and the entire I+E tour.)
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