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    1. pain_18_


      Is that the REAL Full Band version or someone added the band on a computer program ?

    2. pain_18_




      This is a full band version made by Jakob Saltell, a Swedish U2 fan and musician. The original acoustic version was performed by Bono and The Edge in Turin, Italy, 6 August 2010.

      More music by Jakob Saltell: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unsu...




    3. pain_18_


      Sadly it's the fake full band version...But I love the song, man !

  1. I want pizza

    1. pain_18_


      Hope you get it ! I love Pizza !

  2. we can't deal with ordinary love

    1. pain_18_


      I love the song !

  3. "...I know I hurt you and I made you cry, Did everything but murder you and I..."

  4. Friday tomorrow ;0)

  5. It's a beautiful day

  6. Bono your new hair cut is cool!

    1. xtraspicy62


      send me the link to the photos?

  7. What's your favourite pizza topping? I like spicy chicken =0)

    1. monica martino

      monica martino

      basic one for me: tomato, mozzarella and maybe some olives as extra :D

    2. moanya


      totally agree with monica...the original one is the best

    3. joshthetree


      Hawaiian with Ham and Pineapple is nice too ;0)

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  8. Feel like I'm living in a town shut down for winter

  9. Can't wait for some new U2 material!

  10. Simple Minds in Blackpool were amazing!

    1. utwothefly


      Nice one!,saw them in a small venue in Brighton, shes a river was great live!

    2. Malahide


      I saw them several times in the past. Maybe I'll go to see them this year again. They seem to be endlessly touring. Great band.

    3. joshthetree


      Yeah tremendous I loved 'The American', 'Let There Be Love' and 'I Travel' (some bloke next to me asked if this was a new song lol)

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  11. Tell me why I don't like mondays...

  12. Well...I wish it could be Christmas...everyday

  13. it's a musical journey...

  14. ...I know I hurt you and I made you cry, Did everything but murder you and I...

    1. joshthetree


      But love left a window in the skies

  15. OK Edge Play The Blues

  16. Why oh why didn't you release 'Woman Fish'

  17. Good Luck to you pain_18

  18. What U2 song? '....Bits and pieces on this floor'

  19. We're an Irish band. We come from Dublin City, Ireland...

    1. monica martino

      monica martino

      Like all cities, it has its good, it has its bad. This is a song called Bad.

    2. joshthetree


      If you twist and turn away...

    3. monica martino

      monica martino

      I wish I could...

  20. U2 North Star: Here I am, a space cowboy Looking out for love and logic in the universe Yeah, Yeah

  21. Hope 'North Star' gets released....soon!

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