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  1. got 4 GA for Toronto. easy peasy. good price. happy they are on tour again and healthy
  2. at rogers in to 35 for ga and 280 for red zone ... not cheap i highly doubt GA TO for $35. more likely close to $100. FYI
  3. Every Song. Every Show This is fantastic news!!! A Friday night in Toronto!! Who's in?
  4. i only saw 2 shows on this tour so i'm hoping they continue into 2016 absolutey loved the cd and this tour so i have many highlights(=every new song) went to the 1st show not knowing the setlists/set up. i read nothing!! so needless to say i was blown away... iris hit me hard and city of blinding lights is still one of their greatest "new" songs.
  5. as a long term member(prop) I'm definitely OK with them allowing 2 tickets only and love that they are doing the GA entry as paperless also want to point out that the band's yearly membership gifts are A++ win win
  6. my guess is the set list will change each show(n the same city), way more than we have seen happen in the past(1or 2 songs only) that is only good news. imo
  7. i tried looking all over this site and couldn't find it my ticket says saturday july 17, 2010. is this the right show? sat 2010 to sat 2011? juss making sure. thanks! cant wait!!
  8. Hey Music Fans! Time for a little rock talk. I know U2 like to share great music with us so this thread continues with that spirit in mind. The Trews are a Canadian band. Now playing the smaller sized venues( 800people ) This band needs more recognition and I'm just here to share the news They have everything you want in a rock band. Incredible musicianship, which includes great lyrics, great harmonies. Anyways I know we have people from all around the world here so this mostly goes out to my fellow Canadians, though the band does play other countries(USA for sure, etc) Certainly if
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