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  1. I tried to find the info but I had no success. What is the first song and last song played on the small stage? Thank you.
  2. In 2015, I went to Montreal and Boston shows both in GA. For Montreal, I was in line at 4 pm. They opened the door at 6 pm. I was close to the main stage and almost on the rail. When U2 played the B-stage (about 5-6 songs), I had almost no view of the band. I did not want to loose my spot and did not move to the B-stage. When the band members were on the cat walk, they were so close (see picture). In Boston, I used a different strategy. I entered the place at 7:15 pm. Just before the show started, I was next to the entrance were Bono entered the arena near Stage B. He walked just in front of me. I then walked near the Main stage as Bono was also walking on the cat walk toward the main stage. It was fantastic. I had a very good view of the main stage when they played the main stage. I moved from the main stage to the B -stage about 1 song before the band moved to the B - stage. I was on the rail for the B-stage songs but with a "rear view" (just behind Larry). At the end of the 5-6 songs on Stage B, they started to play Bad on the B-stage and they walked to the main stage while playing Bad. I was also walking (not on the cat walk ) with them as I moved back to the main stage. This was awesome and one of the best memory ever.. In the end, when I returned to the main stage, I was not close; had a nice view but not close. Overall, I was able to move from one side to another. There is a lot of space. I will try to have the same experience again as I have GA ticket again for Montreal and Boston. Enjoy!
  3. Watch this video from CBC (Canadian TV). This may explain why so many tickets are not for fans. Julien Lavallée from Boucherville (near Montréal) is a super scalper. His name was just associated with the Paradise Papers. This guy made about $8 millions in 2014. Read also this article: https://www.thestar.com/news/paradise-papers/2017/11/09/montreal-scalper-scooping-up-tickets-by-the-hundreds-at-lightning-speed-to-big-names-like-adele-ed-sheeran-and-drake-then-selling-them-back-to-you-at-huge-profits.html
  4. I registered for 3 different cities and I got a different code for each one.
  5. I got GA for Boston and it is hard ticket. I have the option on Ticketmaster to transfer. And actually, if anyone would like to trade MSG GA for Boston GA, I'm in. Boston GA not for sale; just trade for MSG GA.
  6. I’m in a situation where I would like to trade one GA ticket for Boston for one GA ticket for NY MSG. Is trading tickets common on this web site? Is it safe? I know Ticketmaster has an option to transfer ticket to another user. I never used this option and it’s not clear how it works. In the terms and conditions for the U2 subscription, is there anything about trading ticket being “illegal”? Hopefully, my questions are clear. Thank you for your help. Please, note, I don’t want to sell my Boston ticket. Don’t ask me about selling this ticket.
  7. I tried GA for the MSG between 10:00 and 10:15 (with the first few minutes with an incorrect message; then I bought Boston GA at 10:20 to realize after that GA for MSG were now available. Can't go to both.
  8. I received the text message with a link to TM. On the TM page, the link for Montreal did not work. We had to use the link from the U2 Tour page. Also, I got GA for Boston and it seems I can transfer the ticket. Both tickets (GA for Montreal and Boston) are hard tickets.
  9. I'm in the same position: got Boston GA but wanted MSG NY GA. Is transferring ticket safe and okay? I will try GA for NY when they add dates hoping than I can transfer ticket. Otherwise, it will be Boston.
  10. Yes but I live in Canada. I believe the delivery methods offered were different than anyone in the US. In my TM account, I see that I have a paper ticket and I will receive it no later than 48 hours in the mail before the show.
  11. I had the same fears. I have a cheap cell phone. I just changed the delivery method to standard mail in the TM account.
  12. Actually, I tried NY GA at 10:00:10 and did not get a ticket. Bought then Boston GA and tried NY again at 10:15; I was able to get one GA but I did not buy it. Can't travel to both NY and Boston.
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