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  1. Yeah... I had done that and accepted it but it would just keep giving me that error asking me to fill in billing info but it didn't give me anywhere to fill in or select any billing info. That was with internet explorer. I then tried logging in to ticketmaster with chrome after my order timed out a number of times. The exact same login info that I entered in in internet explorer to login to ticketmaster would not work logging in to chrome. I was able to login over and over with internet explorer but could not get order to complete and when I tried to login to chro
  2. Ugggh.... I secured the tickets I wanted but having issues with ticketmaster... I have all my credit card info saved but it doesn't seem to be letting me enter or choose it.... After a lot of hyperventilating and trying different things I was able to get tix. Took three different browsers to finally take though.
  3. Should we have presales codes in our account now though????
  4. I believe they have me sorted (I hope). I had done everything needed (including tying to facebook) with the exception of re-upping for 2018 since I still had a valid subscription from 2017 that I had received nothing from. When I log in to my account now, this is what I see: Now if they can just figure out a better way to make sure fans who are not able to make an event 8 months in the future like they planned, that they are not going to be forced to eat tickets. If they want to buy them back or allow a resell through ticketmaster if needed, that's completely fine b
  5. James.. what you describe should be explained right here in the FAQ's. You SHOULD NOT have to re-up for 2018 if you are an active member and have not used your codes from 2017: Unfortunately what they say and have you do are not one and the same. Don't be duped into throwing away $40 that you shouldn't have to. It's honestly shameless. A friend of mine just renewed his subscription in September and they're trying to force him to re-up again too.... shameless... SHAMELESS.... SHAMELESS!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Exactly when did Live Nation change the band name to FU? I have to say I was hopeful but trepiditious when Paul McGuiness retired. I was hopeful when it was announced, that Livenation would know what they received in U2 and wouldn't bastardize the U2 name in the process. Unfortunately in my eyes however, they are tipping the scales over and doing exactly that right now. I have been a long time fan of U2 and a long time member of the fan club. The 360 tour went well... luckily they took over right before that or I am sure it would have been a disaster as well. I hon
  7. I'm sick to my stomach. Why do people want to harm those that did nothing to them? Why can't everyone learn to respect others and let them live in the same space with each other?
  8. No U2.com sponsored viewing parties for the Paris show tomorrow? We have a number of zootops mixed in with other big U2 fans coming to view it in Charlotte, NC.
  9. Hey Carlos, I think the restricted view they are referring to is probably the screen itself since you'll be at a pretty difficult angle to see all of it. At least that's the best I can tell from the seating chart and pictures I've seen so far. Not sure exactly what it will all look like in MSG though.
  10. Hello! We're going later in the week but will be in town for this show and it looks like this will work best for our GA show where we wait in line a while. If anyone has any GA they need to get rid of for Sunday, 7/19 (hopefully right around cost) please let me know via PM. Thanks!!!!
  11. I'm also looking to trade if possible. My girlfriend and I have GA tickets for July 23rd. Her old boss has 2 seats in section 208, row 5. We'd love for them to have GA with us since we're all heading to New York together. Please let me know if interested in trading. My email address is sean.glock@Domtar.com if interested. Thanks!
  12. If a subscriber renews before there subscription expires, it is $40 but if you wait until after your subscription expires it is $50 as if you were joining new. Sounds like it functioned as it should have. Hope that helps.
  13. I came up against a brick wall that I don't know can be resolved unfortunately... The show I wanted to go to and had tickets reserved more than four times on a non-functioning site sold out where I was shootig for after ticketmaster screwed up my order time and time again. Resolved (messages merged)
  14. Hey bigwave..... I have a friend who was curious if he purchased a new subscription now if he would get a innocence group code before tomorrow. I told him that the last tour I know he would have had the option to do that but not certain about this go round. Is it just for people renewing or do new members also get a code?
  15. Logged in...had GA locked up for Sat 18th.... 2 tix... hit buy... Got to next screen with the total and had a minute and half to just hit continue.... which I did... a number of times but it wouldn't leave the screen and timed out. Got in again and had screen dump when it proceeded... another time it said internal server error and another time said waiting for response from ticketmaster. Now it looks sold out. All I can say is there was no EXPERIENCE but a baaadd one with this. Presale codes only work about a third of the time and when you finally look to have tickets secured you ge
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