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    Photography, Outreach/Volunteer Opportunities, Amnesty International/Human Rights, New Orleans music/food/culture
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    Ordinary Love
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    1985 - Brendan Byrne Arena
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    New Orleans 9.14.2017 (NYC #8 - Thank you Nicoly from Brasil <3)
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    Conspiracy of Hope - NJ 1986, Superdome Reopening with Green Day, Sept.25, 2006, Saitama 2006
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    Dallas Schoo
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    Rebirth Brass Band (and many other NOLA Brass Bands), The Cult, The Cure

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  1. Ever since I saw this photo of Dallas Schoo wearing a special commemorative Music Rising t-shirt, I sought one out for myself. It had been years and years until one appeared on EBay, and of course, I couldn’t let it go. I am beyond thrilled that it arrived today, the 15th anniversary of the Dome’s reopening, the same event the t-shirt commemorates. What timing! ♥️ #U2T0925 #superdome #musicrising #dallasschoo #love Dallas Schoo 📷 credit: Matthias Muehlbrandt
  2. @razspazz Thank you! I think it's worth it to put the information you shared into its own 'Saitama Ticket Pick-up' thread. There still might be questions fans have, but it'll provide a go-to spot. When will you pick up your tickets? Of course I'm requesting the video footage with some cool background tunes. What do you think? Ah, just saw the 'fine print' that pick up starts on November 20. Patience. "Tickets will be available for pick up from 20th November (Wed) from 10:00am"
  3. The promotions begin. Cool to see in a station in Japan. @andytak1984 https://www.instagram.com/p/ByUAzEGpbgm/?igshid=17k2988vgq8qf
  4. In an earlier post I mentioned viewing videos to learn how to pick up, but have yet to find an online resource/video specifically about 7-11 pick up. Hope not to have misled folks looking for help. Put out word to Ticket Pia, and possibly fans who purchased have contacted them, too. Congrats to everyone heading to Saitama!
  5. You are welcome, @mich40 ! Right now I'm researching pick-up details for 7-11s and once I better understand, will post.
  6. There are helpful tutorials on using the Ticket Pia machines via YouTube, and a GoogleMap search of nearby 7-11s to Saitama Super Arena show you multiple locations. 7-11s in Japan are absolutely nothing like the ones we have in the States. You'll appreciate their existence.
  7. I contacted Live Nation Japan, asked them about registration/SMS verification through PIA or e+. Their response: “There will be no registration needed for the fan-club presale. If you live overseas or only speak English, please access the English ticketing page provided by Pia.” I do not know how this will play out during the presale, but I’m hoping it means the process is U2 . Com subscriber friendly. I strongly encourage you to contact them to ask your questions even if it’s a repeat of mine. It’s better to have info from multiple representatives instead of just one. info@livenation.co.jp
  8. I hope you get to go, economicformula! Are you going to peek into the U2.com subscriber presale which begins 12 PM June 4 Tokyo time?
  9. I really appreciate this story. Some artists keep it humble and truly connect with fans. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  10. Hello, besterspieler. I'm a USian and did experience PIA for Vertigo 2006, but with the advantage of having family in Japan through my husband. Even then the process was challenging (the Mods and ticket representatives survived me. I almost didn't make it. lol)! Peeking around sources and blogs, I'm finding that it might continue to be for fans. Patience and research will help you through the process. From what I see, you need a Japanese phone number and address. Here is an unofficial post about the process. https://setsumeikudasai.tumblr.com/post/168218322900/buying-tickets-on-ticket-pia I'm assuming the same for e+, and when doing a search found information that indicated that you also need a Japanese phone number. Something about SMS verification being a mandatory step to prove identification. https://blog.platinumdis.co/guide-getting-verified-on-eplus-et-al/ Given this, please keep in mind that this is not official information from PIA or e+. I strongly recommend that you contact both ticket agencies via the information shared via U2.com. Begin the process now of making contact. I also suggest you search the internet yourself for resources and experienced fans who have specific insights for you. I would be doing a lot more work to prepare if I was going, but since that's not the case, I'm here to support fans making the trek from outside of Japan if need be. Please keep us posted about what you find out. Thank you. All the best! Fragrant
  11. First post to this thread in 2019?! The show announcements for Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea brought me back in. Originally an 'old zoo' member in 2005, and traveled inside and out of the forums over the years. Always as Fragrant, of course. Hoping that there are other fans who will gravitate back or jump in for the first time. Peace! Much love! Irene Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  12. @artalvarez I think we can celebrate the New Orleans show indefinitely. It was a special night, and dang, you had an excellent surprise!!! Seeing Larry had to be the best pre game treat to prep you for U2. Very cool! ❤️
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