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  1. I love the album, but then again, I am a fan of the sounds they are producing currently. To be honest, although I love several songs on JT, I've never been a fan of the production, so I am kind of glad they didn't make something too stripped down. Also, I love how big and full it sounds, and how uncool it is. It is hard to find bands with musical heft that extol the unabashedly positive messages that this album does, so I'm happy U2 is doing it.
  2. I've been around since then:) My JT memory is primarily me with a shoe microphone belting out "With or Without You" when I was 10 years old:) My sister and I saved our allowance and bought our mom JT for her birthday. Of course, I played it myself and sang along a bit after we gave it to her:). Although I didn't really become a real fan until I discovered Pop at the age of 18, I have quite a few memories of u2 as a youngster.
  3. What is your asking price for the ticket? Was it originally a 280 dollar ticket or one of the cheaper lower level seats? If it is under 200 dollars, I'm interested.
  4. She. Vessels pound through her sapphire skin Stroking a nerve Her muscles strain Hoping. They run through her tangled tendrils Grabbing a strand Her eyes scan Searching. They trace the curve of her silvery waist Cupping a wave Her lips expand Swallowing.
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