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    April 1983 Benefit in NC
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  1. Where do we find the listed events? I have a ticket to Hollywood U2 @ Hard Rock on 10/12, but don't see any events listed.
  2. I got rickets through the fan club. I am an Ultra. I was waitlisted for the Verified and never came off the waitlist  I only chose the Sept 30th show. 4 tickets in the cheap seats the 4th tier. I didn't change by pick even after other and better dates came up. 

  3. I saw on Facebook that a violet received red zone for the 14th
  4. So, they really didn’t expect an ‘overwhelming demand’ and had to add shows? Seriously? It’s not some cover band that unexpectedly has a sold out show. Would’ve been nice to know all the dates at the same time! I missed the announcement yesterday and therefore my opportunity to change to a more convenient date.
  5. Very excited for this! I have a Bob Dylan lyrics book and love to read it as poetry rather than just song lyrics. They sometimes show more depth than when read that way.
  6. My codes didn’t mention book tour, they said future shows. But are now gone.
  7. First Bruce tour I’ve skipped on 30 years. I don’t want to make this a skipped U2 tour because of Ticketbastard.
  8. I’ll be at Venitian for a conference in May… must check out progress!
  9. I had 6 CDs stuck in my player when I traded in my Jeep a few years ago, including the U2 Go Home, Duals, and Zoo live gifts. Archival streaming content would be great for me, I could create my own play lists!
  10. Or at least a streaming link, since I no longer own a blue-ray player...
  11. Loved Edge’s discussion with Will-I-Am! Super thought provoking and forward thinking. Edge could host a daily talk show!
  12. They told us last night that the Ga line is at 4.30, but the Bridgestone email said 12.00? Any clarification?
  13. You’re right up there with that guy who dragged his girlfriend out by her hair in Chicago because they flashed a photo of Michelle Obama during Ultraviolet! Anyone who tolerates the constant bile spewed by Tromp is either delusional or a bigot. Your choice.
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