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    The one I'm listening to at the time.
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    Depends on Mood
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    April 1983 Benefit in NC
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    Nashville, 2018
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    360 Charlottesville, VA (both my kids were with me)
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    Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree, Bruce Springsteen

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  1. Loved Edge’s discussion with Will-I-Am! Super thought provoking and forward thinking. Edge could host a daily talk show!
  2. They told us last night that the Ga line is at 4.30, but the Bridgestone email said 12.00? Any clarification?
  3. You’re right up there with that guy who dragged his girlfriend out by her hair in Chicago because they flashed a photo of Michelle Obama during Ultraviolet! Anyone who tolerates the constant bile spewed by Tromp is either delusional or a bigot. Your choice.
  4. Face value is $350, but will let it go for less. I can't make the trip so you would need a copy of my license and a note.
  5. I just sent message. Now have 2 RZ, my dog is failing and I can't bear the thought that he will cross Rainbow Bridge while I am away.
  6. Most people used their presale codes for the first leg. And, now that kids are back in school with football, soccer, etc... weekends leave little time for out of town getaways.
  7. My ancient dachshund (and best dog EVER) is in declining health, needs medication 4x daily, and I can't leave him for an entire weekend. I am selling my Red Zones for face value, or whatever someone is willing to pay. Will Fedex my driver's license and a notarized statement for anyone interested, and supply a return envelope.
  8. My daughter has once again bailed (don't I ever learn???), so I have an extra RZ ticket for St. Louis, face value. I plan to be there all day, so meeting up is no problem. Reply here or text me at [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
  9. Thanks! Gonna be a long wet day ..
  10. Any idea what the parking fees will be? Cash or credit?
  11. I have a friend with an extra red zone if anyone is looking ! They are already here and in-line
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