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  1. I cannot believe that all paid fan club members won’t get a code. I may be wrong, but I’ll believe that when I see it.


  2. How do I renew my subscription for 2018 ? My account info says 'Registration for U2.com Verified Subscriber presale has now ended.' with no link now to renew under my account expiry date.Is it worth waiting till new year when us Europeans will be going through what are US cousins are going through now ?
  3. So you've opened a US TM account from the UK just to go through the verification process ? What would happen if you only get the pre sale code for NA which you may not attend,but don't get pre sale code for Europe ie UK that you want to attend because you've linked with US TM already ?
  4. That's how I read it too.It's a generalisation of verified fan sale on 20th Nov,no mention of U2 dot com active subscriber,verified fan pre sale on 14th Nov.Of which I think U2 members will get a code for a ticket guaranteed.If not,what is the point if a general fan gets a code for a ticket on the 20th but a verified U2 member doesn't ? So,a verified U2 member ends up having to go to a scalper to get a ticket,from a non U2 fan,and paying over the odds.Then the system falls flat on its arse !!
  5. Which proves what I've been saying all along that it adds 12 months to an existing subscription when you go to renew with a 2018 package??
  6. Per the FAQ's Why can’t I connect via my ticketmaster.co.uk account as I don't have a ticketmaster.com account? This Presale and verification process is for U2 shows in U.S. + Canada only. If you wish to attend a show in U.S. + Canada, please enter your North American Ticketmaster account info or create one in advance. Us Europeans will be in the same boat as our North American cousins in due course. Go to U2 dot com,sign in,click on your username,go down to account info and your subscription active date until is there.Mine is.
  7. If you have to pay again for a 2018 package to verify,it adds 12 months to your existing subscription.So you'd be active until,I presume,29th Oct 2019,if you renewed last Saturday.
  8. What subscriber gift did you apply to receive,what were the options ? The 10" singles ?
  9. Good one.I still interpret it as an active subscription and the band announce a tour,you'll get a pre sale code.So in your case,the way I see it,you'll get a pre sale code for 2018 in NA because your subscription is active.
  10. From memory,it was 4 tickets max for 2 shows on 360 tour.I got 2 for Wembley then 4 for Don Valley with the same pre sale code,
  11. If the band announce a tour while you have an active subscription you will be eligible for pre sales ie get the codes.For the JTTour 2017,my subscription was Jan 2016 to Jan 2017,but because of the delay in announcing the gift,it was extended to Feb 2017.When tour announced on 9th Jan,the pre sale code appeared in my account.
  12. If you renew now,12 months will be added to your current subscription,so you will run out in August 2019 if you decide to renew.I wouldn't worry,wait for Europe to be announced,then take it from there.But yes,to be a verified fan for this tour for pre sales codes etc you'll need to renew.
  13. According to the detail in the renewing of subscription,12 months will be added to the end of your current subscription.Mine ,like a fair few from the lateness of details in late 2016 when they tagged on an extra month because no one knew what was happening,ends in Feb 2018.But seeing as this 12th Nov deadline to verify is for North America,as far as I'm concerned it doesn't apply to me at this stage.When Europe is announced then I'll renew & verify with Ticketmaster dot co dot uk,and it does mention that too in the FAQ's.That's my understanding as I see things.
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