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  1. I see 3 dates in Australia have been booked I wonder where else they will be going. its got to be a Scottish gig
  2. Well good news I've been told from a reliable source there will be a hydro gig. so when it's announced you can all buy me a beer and if it doesn't I'll buy you all a beer if you're at the Manchester gig.
  3. Also got mine today pity it wasn't my 2017 gift me and most members are still waiting for.
  4. What about the trnsmt festival there is still one date with no bands anonced yet and u2 are free on that date.
  5. Liam's gigs are blowing noels out of the water. proper rock roll
  6. Can't be having Noel again ,he's done it,give some one else a turn if they are having a support act,
  7. Torag mo I'm also going to see the simple minds in the barrowlands and hmv a week on Friday for Charlie and Jim doing a signing session. lets hope billy Sloan knows something we don't. im sure they wil do at least 2 nights at the hydro
  8. Tiffanys for me but that was a long time ago. ive got tickets for Manchester but I've been told the Joshua tour will come out again and will hit Glasgow in 2019? before the Irish or after the Irish gigs they could have booked the hydro. but remember they weren't playing Scotland and at the last minute booked the secc,so there is stil time.
  9. I've just payed £80 for a seat behind the stage wish I had checked before I ordered them.
  10. Cost effective they made more then 350 million from each of the last 2 tours,money shouldn't have come into it. theres a story going round that the Joshua tree will be brought back out in 2019 and Scotland will be included.
  11. Why is there no Scottish dates on this tour. this is now the 2nd tour in a year that they haven't slotted in a Scottish date. ive heared a rumour it's becuse Kevin bridges has booked the hydro for the whole month of October,
  12. That was my 35 show and the first in Dublin. i wasn't disappointed but I thought there would be a few more surprises and at least a couple more songs. a couple of change in order of the songs and a lot of shout out for the Irish if it wasn't for them I could have been any other stadium gig.
  13. Just back from Dublin and for the life of me I can't understand charging 35 euros for a tour tshirts and 80 for a hoodie. im told it was 25 pounds for the same t shirts in London so why charge 35 in dublin i never bought one but the show was amazing 1 st time in Dublin at a u2 gig I hope it won't be my last.
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