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  1. Hope you have a great time. ps bono is the singer😛
  2. I’ve been paying into to u2s pension fund from the first time I went to see them in Tiffany’s Glasgow best part of 40 years ago and all over Britain and Ireland since. so why couldn’t I get a ticket for vegas it didn’t matter how many pre sales I signed up to I never got a sniff of a ticket. now I’m not saying i should have been guaranteed one but let’s be honest there must have been 50% of each nights attendees that have never been to a u2 gig bought a u2 album but because it was the hottest ticket they had to be there.
  3. This year so far I’ve got editors the who peter hook and the light twilight sad simple minds and an evening with John Lydon
  4. Still waiting for mine here in sunny Scotland ,but to be honest I'm not surprised.same problems year after year.
  5. I see 3 dates in Australia have been booked I wonder where else they will be going. its got to be a Scottish gig
  6. So far this year I have, the cure foofighters kiss
  7. All this talk of u2 quitting touring is pure B S u2 have signed a 5 tour deal with live nations and the one that is finishing next week is the 3rd of the deal. so 2 more probably another Joshua tree outing for the places they never went like Glasgow lets hope it's not rattle and hum and the dates will be announced after 1st January so every one renews there membership
  8. I for one started collecting vinyl again after going in my loft and finding boxs of my old plastic,so I for one think it's a great gift there is an old saying you can't please all the people all the time.
  9. After 38 days the vinyl has arrived now I don't own a company but if I did I would fire any one in dispatch or any one person who would tell me it would take 38 days to deliver an item from one end of England to the middle of Scotland i for one will never buy another item from live nation
  10. Update the item was ordered on the 2nd march an email was sent on the 30th march telling me it had been sent by Royal Mail parcel service i still haven't received the item and now I'm told I should receive it on the 12th of April. how can they justify taking over 7 weeks to send a viynl album. livenation hand youre heads in shame
  11. Today after Six emails asking for my order to be cancelled I received an email telling me they have shipped my order today. live national the biggest joke of a company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with.
  12. Still no delivery of the vinyl I ordered on the 2nd march still no reply to the 5 emails I have sent since Friday. i can't ever remember such a pathetic company that I have dealt with.
  13. That will be me you're looking for.
  14. I can't believe a band as big as u2 are using a joke of a company to supply there merchandise. first we have the year wait for the 2017 gift now I ordered a viynl album on the 2 nd of march and it's still not here. i have received an email saying they are moving there warehouse and they don't know when I will receive my order. im sorry but never again will I order anything from the official web store.
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