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  1. I still have one GA available for Cleveland.
  2. I have one GA for Cleveland for sale for face value $90. We are planning to go into the stadium around 7pm. I would trade phone info and arrange by text to meet by the gate or convenient location. We would need to go in together because of the credit card entry.
  3. Houston Texas, at The Summit, which is now Joel Osteen's "church". Lone Justice, fronted by the lovely Maria McKee were the opening act. By far, the best opening act I have seen for U2.
  4. Agreed that this is outrageous and unfair to fans. It makes me think that U2 no longer really cares about this stuff and are just counting the money from us fans. They are the biggest band in the world, presumably with lots of leverage in the music industry, and tour after tour they allow Ticketmaster to screw us over. I am not a Pearl Jam fan, but they are the only band that tried to make it better for fans, and nobody else supported them. Rather, U2 and others just cut more lucrative deals with livenation/ticketmaster.
  5. Now I am even more angry. Ticketmaster dropping GA tickets four hours after the presale opens is terrible. Given past tour experiences, I figured that I needed to act fast and get what I could. So, when I couldn't get Toronto, I grabbed GA for Cleveland instead. Why would we assume that waiting four hours would yield tickets after getting shut out for several hours of trying. The end result is that now I have used my presale codes and can't get the tickets that I originally wanted that are now mysteriously available hours upon hours after the presale began. This is beyond frustrating as a fan!
  6. Just to add more 2 cents to this nonsense about the need to be patient. I ended up with tickets in a city that I really didn't want to go to because that is all I could get after already slagging off work for an hour of wrangling with the ticketmaster nonsense. Now, four and a half hours later, there seem to be plenty of GA's available at the venue to which I originally wanted to attend. Why? Why would we need to go through these games and hoops when we paid for the "pre-sale." Why on earth would they have no tickets available for hours, only then to release them hours after many people would logically start making second and sub-optimal choices. Absurd. Why did RZ tickets get sold without presale codes, while many of us waited for our announced presale time only to find that they were all gone. I get it - lots of demand, long-term members should get first crack, etc. But, the problems today go well beyond that. Johnny Rotten's old line about "ever get the feeling you've been cheated" is rattling around my mind this afternoon.
  7. Update, I did end up with 3 GA for a different city than I originally wanted after checking again after about an hour. No Red Zone available at any venue. For the first hour of the presale, I would either get "Unable to Process Your Request" or "no tickets available" messages, or in some cases, offers of 300 and 500 level crap seats. My frustration is that the fan presale that just does not work. It hasn't worked well in past tours, but seems to be getting worse. Ticketmaster sucks, which is a given that we all are apparently doomed to just accept in life. But, U2.com shouldn't take our money for a "benefit" that apparently doesn't exist. Just look how many good seats are already on the scalper websites. The system is a con. I love their music and I love their shows. Have been to every tour, and bought every album since the first day I heard their music in 1982 or 1983. I have been an on-and-off member of their fan club since the old Propaganda magazine days. I understand that they are popular and that there is a high demand for tickets. But, it bothers me that they don't take this into account and that they treat their loyal fans as commodities. If presale doesn't work for a band like U2, then the ethical thing would be for them to not have one!
  8. Long time U2.com member and have been to every U2 tour since Unforgetable Fire. This was atrocious presale. On the glitchy TM website, nothing but crap tickets that one could easily get during general sale literally seconds into the presale. No GA, no RZ. What the heck is the point of a member benefit if it doesn't work? Also, couldn't use the TM app because it kept saying my code is invalid, only the web browser would accept the code. Thanks for nothing, presale!
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