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  1. just a spectacular show. I really liked how it ended as the Songs of Innocence tour began, with Bono in the back of the hall with the lone light bulb. A fitting bookend to that equally spectacular tour.
  2. Does anyone know who is opening for U2 in St. Louis may 4, 2018????

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      Hey Max, when I was looking at the Unforgettable Fire tour information from 1984, I noticed an omission. In between the the 12-9-1984 show in Ohio and the 12-15-1984 show in SanFransico, I attended the 12-11-1984 show in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom. I belive the Waterboys were the opening act. Below is some info on that show from www.u2gigs.com 

      U2 Unforgettable Fire Tour

      The Unforgettable Fire 3rd leg: North America

      1984-12-11: Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, Illinois, USA


      1. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
      2. I Will Follow
      3. Seconds
      4. MLK
      5. The Unforgettable Fire
      6. Wire
      7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
      8. The Cry / The Electric Co. / Send in the Clowns (snippet) / Amazing Grace (snippet)
      9. A Sort Of Homecoming
      10. Bad
      11. October
      12. New Year's Day
      13. Pride (In the Name of Love)
      14. encore(s):
      15. Party Girl
      16. Gloria
      17. 40
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      Wow.  I wish I had seen that one.  What a setlist.

  3. first of all - everyone have a great time tonight, those of us who cannot attend opening night are mega jealous! For those having angst about the GA line, the heavy metal band Iron Maiden does a cool thing for their fan club members. All of their shows are GA on the floor. They have a drawing about a month before each show for what they call "First To The Barrier" which allows fan club members (plus 1 guest) with GA floor tix entry to the venue 15 minutes early so they can get prime positions on the floor. I would think U2 could easily adopt this practice or do something like allow fan club GA ticket holders entry to the floor via a separate line and let that line in first before the general public. Or maybe I'm just rambling... anyway, everyone have fun tonight.
  4. it's worth noting that the Cardinals are in town playing a game that night vs their main rival the Chicago Cubs, so downtown should be hopping. A few blocks East of Scottrade Center on Clark St, across from the baseball stadium is Ballpark Village, which should be jammed with U2 and baseball fans. Around Scottrade Center there's not a whole lot near by but within walking distance (it's supposed to be a nice day with sunny skies and temps in the 70's) there is The Hard Rock, Maggie O'Brien's, Sybergs, Schlafly Tap Room, Maurizio's, Alumni. If you have a car I'd recommend a visit to Pappys Smokehouse on Olive near St. Louis Univ. or Bogart's Smokehouse on 9th St in the Soulard neighborhood. The Soulard area also has a lot of bars that may be running shuttles to and from the show
  5. a further head's up. There's a pending hot button murder trial involving a former police office charged with murdering an African American. The verdict is expected Friday and if it's a "not guilty" verdict the you now what might hit the fan in St. Louis - The Governor has activated the National Guard and police are preparing for massive protests http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/police-to-begin--hour-shifts-as-st-louis-awaits/article_8b978ee9-80d8-5beb-9401-3933653f9b3e.html
  6. not sure where you're staying and/or if you'll have a car but go to Small Batch if you can. Not a 100% vegetarian place but lots of great vegetarian food and great whiskey http://smallbatchstl.com/
  7. I just got this as well, postmarked from Santa Clarita, CA
  8. just keep checking on Ticketmaster - GA's will open up before the show, even on the day of the show, they always do
  9. for those not familiar with the layout, the stadium in downtown directly across from the Lumiere Place casino/Four Seasons Hotel - it's withing walking distance from Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play. The Cardinals are not in town that weekend so there should be plenty of spots to meet up have dinner and drinks before the show. I'm sure Ballpark Village will have a pre show event of some kind as well
  10. just keep trying, GA will be available for awhile, even if it says "not available" just keep trying
  11. hello from St. Louis - if anyone's planning to travel here for the show, it is on a Saturday night, let me know if I can be of any help with questions on where to stay, eat, visit, etc.. Good news is the Cardinals are not in town that weekend and, of course, no NFL football anymore.
  12. YES! - finally got in through the Ticketmaster App on Iphone - GA tix Thanks Bigwave and everyone flying the flag, see you all in Chicago PS - TicketBastard sucks
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